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  • I broughts the medicinal brandy and a cigarette lighter ^^

    Time for drinkies and a little sage-stick smudging :p
    oh good x]
    I have to agree, at times it's easier to convey a feeling or an emotion by toning down all the other colors. Color photography can be fantastic though :)
    and you've inspired me to go read that avatar thread ^.^
    I do so many things that are badass that you will have to be more specific. (/Sarcasm, yet I am curious as to what you are talking about?)
    it's beautiful :)
    [sorry for random comment, i don't usually strike up conversation with random people ^.^ your avatar was too intriguing though :)]
    I think you're right, (trying not to be so turgid but I love the lil' guy for pete's sake) he is who he is because he doesn't know any better, no affectations, no airs, an adventurer, tried and true - I thought he epitomized the sort of doe-eyed naivete and complete lack of self-awareness that made childhood so much fun. There's just something about the animation and style of those movies too, aesthetically, that I've always really liked.
    Gawd that soo cute ^.^ *hits himself*

    All better now.
    Smart decision, oh saintly one...

    though I must say I was rather looking forward to the smell of burning flesh... to say nothing of the stoic whimpering and stifled screams.


    Are you ircing around?
    Actually, I'd be interested to know your thoughts on the thread (if you manage to get through it) and your own experiences in general, if you're willing. Perhaps you could post them on the thread, or PM me.
    Hey, no problem :) It's extremely interesting and rather important to me as well. I'm really glad to have helped you out. Hope you find one!
    Does it really hurt to leave your words there?

    I think I know the state it requires to want to obliterate one's contributions, but bear through it please, and let others benefit from your insight.

    I came to view the collage you designed of us all, Auburn. Oh, happy times :D Are you still going out with the girl you met back then?

    Can you let me go now?

    I'm started to get flushed and scared.


    I'm going to be in about three full days at newly started uni from next week,so yes,I'll be on more.
    Basically I'll refuse to talk to classmates and instead will hide behind a computer in the library.:3

    I'm only going to ask this once...

    So if you don't like it, send it right back.....


    I have a hug?:/
    My god!

    All this time you've been raping Melkor and we never knew? No one came to help the poor lad!?

    Do continue...

    *listens to screaming with a cryptic smile*
    Dear Auburn...

    Could you please direct me to this avatar collage you made? I'm very interested in seeing it. :)
    Good luck with being a pharmacy tech :) It's a good field, and there are plenty of jobs available.
    Of anyone here I couldn't imagine you not having friends. Course, the field of comparison isn't all that competitive :P
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