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  1. Anling

    Sci fi vs Fantasy

    I like both sci-fi and fantasy. They're both speculative fiction. Honestly I tend to read fantasy and watch sci-fi. Though a lot of the books are in that science fantasy middle ground. I think, especially these days, there is a lot of overlap.
  2. Anling


    I rather like poetry. Though, I don't think it's taught all that well in high school. There's one poem, Ode to a Grecian Urn, that I hated in high school. But when we studied it again in collage I actually got it and realized it meant the exact opposite of what I thought it was saying and that I...
  3. Anling

    Who determines whether or not something is a joke?

    While it could be an honest disagreement over what is or is not funny, often enough when someone says that it was not a joke, they mean that they think the joker was just being a jerk and claiming humor to avoid trouble. But it mostly depends on context. Others may mean that they don't think...
  4. Anling

    Hybrids and Humans

    Species boundaries are very debated. There are splitters and lumpers and it is especially difficult to determine for fossils since we can't study their actual behavior and life cycles. There is a lot of debate whether certain dinosaur species are actually just juveniles of other species...
  5. Anling

    Do debates actually change anyone's mind?

    I have changed my mind in response to debates. If someone provides new information or can explain logically why my favored position is wrong then absolutely I will change my mind. It doesn't happen immediately, I need to think it through myself and do more research before making up my mind. But...
  6. Anling

    What is considered a good writing style?

    I prefer writers who use clever turns of phrase. I love Terry Pratchett. I also prefer more concise writing styles, if the writer is too long winded I end up skimming even if I like the story. I also enjoy more lyrical or evocative styles, I like beautiful language. I like a writer who...
  7. Anling

    What gives you the incentive/willpower/strength to keep going and stay "alive"?

    When even my native insaitiable curiosity and desire to understand life, the universe, and everything was not enough to keep me motivated, the thought of the trauma I would cause my family was enough to keep me from following through on my suicidal tendencies. The thought of my little sister or...
  8. Anling

    Your opinion: absolute truth or subjective truth?

    I voted that truth is absolute, though I believe that there is both objective and subjective truth. Everything is not relative, there is objective reality. But, a lot of what we refer to as truth is subjective, or conditional. I think there is an objective reality, but our experience of it is...
  9. Anling

    Do INTPs lack object constancy?

    I certainly have a problem with putting out of my mind anything that is not immediately present. I just don't think about most of those everyday things or social obligations unless there is something to remind me of them. It makes some things like remembering to schedule meetings or appointments...
  10. Anling

    Thread split from what gender are you internally: Is transgenderism/gender dysphoria a mental illnes

    In a biological sense, it could be considered an illness or disorder in that something went wrong in development, but that doesn't mean that it needs to be stigmatized. The effected people usually are able to function just fine, though their feeling wrong in their body will probably still lead...
  11. Anling

    INTP's blank face phenomenon

    Yes, and I still occasionally get that. Why are people expected to be expressive when they're not even interacting with anyone? It is frustrating when I'm working as a receptionist and I think I'm being rather friendly and people complain that I look angry or that I don't smile enough. Even...
  12. Anling

    Social skills

    Basic greetings and get-to-know-you questions are useful. You may even discover something interesting to talk about from their answers.
  13. Anling

    The option of an Intp dominant society: How bad do we want it?

    I don't think INTPs are usually suited to ruling. Each personality type is useful to society. I think that the type best suited to ruling at a particular time, would depend on what challenges the society is facing. And each type has its weaknesses that a competent leader would have to deal with...
  14. Anling

    What are you all reading?

    I am reading The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli, The Golden Bough by James Frazer, and The White Goddess by Robert Graves. Frazer and Graves I only read a bit at a time. And Graves isn't historically accurate. But it's still somewhat interesting. Frazer is interesting, but his multiplicity of...
  15. Anling

    Which country are you from?

    Currently in Idaho, Previously in California, before that in Washington. Some time spent living in Utah, North Dakota, and Indiana.
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