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  • What is the concept of the inner workings that manifest the purpose of the A.I.'s behavior?

    What are the maximum implications of the A.I.'s usage and are there easier solutions than needing to program an entire A.I. to get the same results?

    Implication 1: [In Question]

    Is the concept of an A.I. a usable template for a "mad lib" of numbers to randomly generate the levels of each parameter that is characteristics of the A.I. and title their personality with a well-founded name for which can be grouped as the parameters of the higher concept of matching that title with the corresponding optimal places in society?

    Looks like we're starting. It has to be a group effort, one step at a time.
    Maybe if you made a mental graph of the ideas you generated to make your activity, you could see the consistencies in the pattern and see your self (not just your ego) as a loop and use that loop as the object that you are trying to experiment on in the direction of enhancing it.

    Maybe you lack energy because of things like not eating enough food for dinner, listening to too much heavy music, and/or maybe it's time for you to evolve to the practice of Occultic rituals that utilize cybernetic thinking as a way of processing information using mathematical principals like prime ideals to intensify your sense of control to give you the motivation you need.
    This is the cause of our exponentially multiplying revelations as our growing pile of knowledge mixes with every new fact until the mind hardens more effective methods of integration--continuing to cause each revelation to be more substantial than the last.
    I can sense strong future convergence in our ideological paths. Our plain of thought has at least the form of hope in it and that hope is turning into something we can both recognize in each other as a large part of ourselves. The culture we belong to is one with the promised land while the inner constructs of our consciousness unravel to create the cycles fundamentally depicted by the story of Pandora's Box as revelation after another hits us into understanding the future of artificial intelligence as the enemy that our mind fears to create the cybernetic loop within ourselves that was originally created for the purpose of continued growth--which is a manifestation of the hope's will power building its form on the idea of itself to generate the holographic pattern of its essence in our mind's eye to calculate possible areas to expand our practical awareness.
    I think you have idealized relationships to the point you wouldn't be able to have one. Unless you get an AI. In that sense you are probably right. In fact I'm kinda the same in someways. Maybe we should both work on building an AI. :P Btw you and Sinny would totally not work out. Can't comment on Zerk. Do you want friends? If you want to find someone like you go to groups or meetups with various things that interest you. You'll likely just find a more extroverted version. Maybe join online groups and meetup with people that way. Also I heard okcupid is actually pretty intense datamatching wise. Scary stuff but apparently it works. That's only if you want to of course. However if you do want to don't let yourself stop you.
    That sounds like a precious experience. :) Treasure it well.

    Do you think your heartfelt posting in the last year or may be related to you becoming more integrated with your Anima/the-feminine-in-the-male?
    The Juletide has buoyed my spirit through the spiritual and physical winter. Es ist einen frohen Weinachtenzeit.

    I have just been assiduously following the Alt Right lately, to keep abreast of any new currents.

    Other than that, I have read some Buddhist texts and have gotten into HP Lovecraft, who is able to summon his own pagan worlds with great eloquence.

    This is wonderful music, by the way:

    Hmm, cheers Kitty. I expect no less from our security services... but it's a piss take none the less.
    Sorry for delayed response. I only just noticed this private conversation thing exists. I have no idea about typing and neurological stuff. I did take a typing class on a manual typewriter in 7th grade I think. It was an entire semester. So maybe you just need to be trained and put the time in.
    Anime kitty for Animekitty

    I don't know if it means anything to you, since we're all strangers on the internet, but you matter a lot of us. I like you and think you're a wonderful person, and I know that others here like you too.
    You don't have an imagination deficit. I think you have a robust imagination, if anything. The issue you describe sounds more to do with spatial aptitude, whereas this experiment outlined something more physical. I could be wrong, though. Have you brought this up with your doctor?
    atm i'm participating in a creative design campaign for new season merchandise of (certain place) university (booklets, sumaries, tshirts, teddybears, etc) :D
    i will do more diplomatic boring bullshit (heritage collection comunication) after we are done with it :(
    i dunno about that anime, it's been a while since i watched this kind of series but i kind of see the resemblance
    did you like my image?
    i made it for a project for my internship, apparently my coworkers didn't like it, they thought it was super freaky :D
    Nice Nietzsche video. I liked the way he presented it. You know just what I like.
    >These are my notes. I made a video on them but it was too long and I do not have a cell phone to verify my youtube account.

    Do you know about Google voice? All you need is a landline phone number and you can get a virtual number that does text message, voice and video calls for free.
    Hey I finally got around to your Hidden Dimensions video.

    I agreed with the Fi vs Fe discussion at these timestamps:

    What you describe doesn't seem like eidetic memory, from my understanding. However, I do sympathize. My memory is also a bit as you describe. I can't "see" anything when I close my eyes, but it's still there in an ephemeral sense. I don't think it's anything to worry too much about, either way.

    You philosophies a little over my head, but the parts I understood made a lot of sense :)
    I can feel the vast mental landscape you have that I think is the Ne? It reminds me of Lyra in a way. Anyway I'm glad you added one for me, thanks. :)
    Yes, the character is Illyana Rasputin (Magik) from New Mutants, etc. I think this one is fan art though... I actually bought the original Magik #1-4 miniseries when it was on the shelves, so that kind of dates how old I am. It was pretty cool at the time.

    It's pretty amazing what some people can do. I can draw decently but not nearly that well. Practice might help some....
    3) Haha, sorta cool isn't it. And yea, I'm a bit behind with a number of things with that game of Mafia consuming so much time.. But that's ended and I've just returned to laptop, so I can start catching up again now ;)
    2) Yes. I firmly believe he is controlled opposition. So much points to this conclusion.

    Hey. Erm.. I believe, there's a Eugenics agenda. I wouldn't call it depopulation per se, but only because of the negative connotations associated with the phrase (see Muirs thread), but definitely Eugenics... What do you think about that? As for the McDonalds.. Totally agree that it's poison. Can't really comment any further cuz I just ate a McDonalds burger. Add that poison to the 100 Units of alcohol I drank this weekend... Chemtrails are defo geo engineering, but unto what end?

    Gonna share this in Muir thread too, just cuz.
    Thanks, I played a couple seconds of it where you were addressing the rational functions. I'll put it in my mental queue to watch at another time since it's pretty long.
    I definitely will. I appreciate your posts as well. You conduct yourself respectfully. I get the feeling you are genuinely interested in truth, however it is defined.
    By the way, INTPs also have Ne as well as ENTPs. For INTP it is an auxiliary function, so it works a little different than for ENTPs and ENFPs.

    For me, Ne shows up often with eye movement (because it is an explorative function). I joked with Auburn once and said Ne-dominants have "coffee eyes", like they are hopped up on caffeine all the time. Fi, which is auxiliary for ENFP, lends to something called "unaware" mouth, which almost literally translates to their jaw movement. Its kind of weird. You should email Auburn (if he's still doing this these days) to ask him more specifically about what might be expected from all the functions and then you will know what he's talking about. I've just seen it so many times now that I can recognize it when I have enough exposure to it.
    I wish Auburn were around these days to help correct these things because he definitely has a better handle on PodLair! Auburn I think refers to INFJs in essentially the same way that PodLair does. The way that I read people is by observing of them in varying situations and interactions with people and then listening to the way they talk and, by extension, think. I certainly get things wrong but I've practiced it enough to feel like I'm around 75% when I get enough exposure (maybe that's wrong too?). Some people have criticized these methods though and I'm open to tearing it down due to flawed assumptions BUT so far I have seen so many of the same patterns that I struggle to believe it is coincidental. One problem I see with PodLair and what Auburn does is confirmation bias. When you have a hunch that someone might be a certain type and you start looking for those characteristics, whether physical or not, they start showing up. They do that more than they want to admit.
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