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  • It is an interesting point of view. Communication is vital in a market economy to convey information in regards to the datum. Better communication the more efficient the market.
    I missed your birthday like a horrible person.

    Happy belated birthday.
    For me at least what you write/ imply is at the centre of my belief system. I believe if I love God and that I should love other people that I should rarely find fault. People often say they are in pursuit of truth, it is important the truth does not become dependant on you, but rather that you are always dependant on it. I think I have learnt the most that way.

    People on this forum might judge you for particular beliefs as they are of the 'rational' mindset, MBTI speaking. Either rationality extends beyond our understanding, or our definition is insufficient. There are many beliefs people will hold that are apparantly beyond reason, when one actually abounds in reasons to pursue it.. Conspiracy theories can be fun ;)
    TGD is an interesting book, though admittedly I'm not much of a fan. And I wouldn't worry about being skeptical, I think many on this forum who call themselves atheists sometimes mean skeptical as well. People have to be skeptical at some point, if you don't ask questions you don't get answers.

    It's a good question. In general I seemingly had the experience of many on this forum of having unhappy school years and generally became a resentful person. A lot of my problems were stirred by my parents failing marriage. My Mum became Christian in the heart of the mess, I often blamed her for a lot of my problems [a way of not dealing with it], which tied religion in with it. I always wanted to be a part of a whole and Christianity was just one community I resented because of how close they were. I've met bad apples, but I wouldn't say they drove me so much. More my own personal insecurities, which have since been dealt with.

    Have you had bad encounters with bad apples?
    Thanks for the pick me up, I am always hesitant to write too much in case of a violent response, but it seemed fairly positive.

    What is your background/ experience regarding God? I'm just curious :)
    I believe the phenomena we label time or the 4th dimension is really not a single dimension but the boundary of our human perception. There could be any number of dimensions woven into to what we call time. Whatever time is, it hold us captives, unable to perceive the Universe that lies beyond its walls - including the physics where time is just another manipulative variable and not a constant at all...
    Yesss another mental member!

    My warmest welcomes to you... or something to that effect.
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