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  • I understand you are smart but you cant trying to build an AI consciousness or understand the human brain on your own. its too Herculian for a one man endeavor. I suggest you go find someone with similar interests or seek out similar fishes in the pond. Everything today requires teamwork. No one can do everything alone themselves.
    start simple and move on to complex, you cant beat a team of google engineers on your own
    AK - A Haiku
    by Higs
    In the dark castle
    A shining kitty stutters
    Pick one thread to post random irrelevant videos with no content ak. Your video blog or new maps of hyperspace. I suggest your video blog. Otherwise I'm going to start merging them at my discretion.
    I'd rather new maps of hyperspace be closed since I can no longer operate in it as I wish.
    I learn from dragons more magical than myself. :-)

    What prompts the comment? Hope you're doing well and looking after yourself, AK.
    Did you mention somewhere you are not creative? You are highly creative, in case you were in doubt.
    Just want to make sure it's within general guidelines before I delete it, so confirming with the others before I remove it.
    Just confirming you want that thread deleted
    Now I am singing paint with all the colors of the wind, not very well, but I am enjoying it.
    Things are picking up speed lately! The community is growing. The plan is to flesh out behavioral profiles for all the types, create a practitioner program for certified readers, transfer to using software to assist in visual readings (for optimal accuracy) and prepare for scientific experimentation.
    yeah it's fairly common in the animal kingdom, hardly just spiders.
    I relayed your comment to the others.
    There's probably not much to be done until we port over.

    For now you should avoid using the forum without some for of adblocking/ghostery/noscript.
    Thanks. We were already aware, I don't have the expertise to fix it though, I'm sort of hoping that Kuu, Auburn, or Rag are able to when they next drop in.
    No, more broad than that. What. Doth. Life???

    I have an existential crisis daily. I think we don't matter. What I experience, I won't again. I'm no different from any other piece of matter, just more complex. For some reason this troubles me.. I like the idea of being immortal, but I'm sure that will never be possible.
    I have quite a long answer to your questions here - so if it's OK I'm gonna reply by PM; mostly because these wall posts are quite limited in length.
    i don't really know, thing is i have a double mode, sometimes i feel like a conqueror which makes me think i'm entj and other times i'm more vulnerable, which makes me think i'm infp. but i'm really introverted in real life, i can get louder just with people i know very well. so isfp is what i was thinking lately. one of my ex said i was istp tho.

    that's cool, i mean i don't know if you can exercise your repressed functions but if it helps you at all i've been painting a lot lately and doing creative stuff and it takes my focus out from bullshit.
    so do whatever you think will help you at feeling simple, it is important to learn how to be normal.
    Hey, I just wanted to thank you for sticking up for me a few posts ago. I appreciate it. Last night I figured out I'm really an INFJ. I thought I was INTP because I learned to block out the FJ with TP from trauma. I read the differences between INTP and INFJ and realized that INTP's have a harder time in social situations while INFJ's have good social skills, just awkward ways of using them. The tipping point for me is that I feel I can't connect with anyone no matter how close I get to them. I was reading that's an INFJ thing, as I am not content with it like an INTP would be. An INTP could deal with the alienation, but an INFJ would go nuts, like me, without it.
    It's amazing how insightful you are and i truly appreciate you sharing your thoughts with me
    It helps me out a lot.
    I read your post on my blog btw.
    I've been busy w life past few days and haven't gotten around to writing out the reply yet, apologies
    To be fair your head isn't doing 'nothing'. Anything that isn't used in the brain is cannibalised within minutes to perform other functions. While it's not a straight-forward relationship, in order to see pictures in your mind's eye you would be giving up processing somewhere else. It might still be worth it.

    Most of the images I 'see' are only gist. Nothing interesting. The only time I get more than that is when I am near sleep, where other parts of my mind are shut down, and the resources can be put towards imaging. You might be able to achieve something similar through meditation.

    TBH I think you're a step ahead of the curve in having that appreciation in the first place. When I look at these things I rarely see anything of value the way you do. It's just bone-dry visual information. Usually tainted by negativity bias. </3
    I was thinking the other day about something you said.

    You said you can't think in pictures? Do you think this is why a lot of what you post here has a big visual component?

    I've always thought that you had some sort of Se going on because you tend to couple the things you post with pic or videos. But that might be completely wrong if you do this in order to communicate with others in a way that you would prefer to be communicated to.
    Hi, you don't know me, but I have a lot of experience and information about antipsychotics and the drugs used to treat extrapyramidal side effects. My neck and face began to spasm rhythmically (painfully, and without stopping for hours, until ese drug to rescue). Then, the dopamine agonist med led to psychosis for a week. Seroquel kicked off the spasms, after no neg. side effects for almost a year.

    Also, my dad had dementia w. psychosis, and an idiot doctor gave him an antipsychotic, and dad developed neuroleptic malignancy syndrome. He was put on a PEG feeding tube. He almost died. If you have questions, I can go into more detail. Just be careful. Antipsychotics are marketed for depression now, etc....no good.
    Thanks. I'll check it out. It's probably something to do with mod priv? Maybe Auburn or Kuu will know.
    That is mostly all I want to be. You're like the resident INTPf singularity AI prophet/mystic. Your presence is essential here imo ;-)
    ic, you should at least get off the thinking stage.

    i used to think alot, but then realized its a bad thing, exercise and sports helps you to become more action oriented.
    artificial intelligence is quite backward here. Here, We are still in stone age much like 2000. but it is an interesting field I like to learn more.
    Sorry, I'm not fond of talking deep about personal one-on-one relationships anymore because it tends to cause me to make compromises that become impudent upon my own esteems.
    Then there's my youngest - another girl of 5. She's the loud one. An ESFP, I'm certain of it. Leave her for a minute and she'll be chatting with anybody. We went to a museum a few weeks ago and she dragged a curator around with her to show her the exhibits. Her future carrier choice is apparently to be a Power Ranger. The complete opposite of her sister, but they're also inseparable.

    As for me, I'm an Estimator. Meaning I estimate pricing for production runs at a factory. Basically, plan it out, cost it up, make a price and then argue it out with a customer. That last part of which took a lot of practice.

    As for Sinny, no we never did meet up. But we do still talk sometimes and we may do in future.
    Hey Anime.

    Well, I have 3 kids as I've mentioned before. My eldest is a boy, 11. He's a lot like me, except a lot more outgoing (he has a gaming YouTube channel with around 60 followers). As well as being able to keep up with a conversation with me better than most adults, he loves performing on stage and recently played Brutus in a Theatre performance of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.

    The next is now 7, a girl. She actually has ASD like you do, and is the sweetest little girl ever. She's extremely shy, but has a very caring nature and wants to be a vet or a doctor when she's older. She also has a real imagination for making up stories. She likes to say she's a Tom Boy, because one minute she'll be playing a computer game or climbing up a climbing frame with her brother, the next she'll want a pretty dress and for me to braid hearts into her hair.
    i.e. Class(Competition) has the function within it called Competion = Desire to Win [D(Win)] - Desire for anything else contradicting that object of winning [D(Contradiction)] and then Win = A value that is based on priorities of the personality we want the A.I. to have vs. Contradiction which is any values superseding the values of winning. Then all the classes of the 6 fundamentals of personality would be the personality's complexity that we integrate as a set of numbers into the society generator's algorithm.
    Okay yes, if we can develop a structure of programming that allows us to connect concepts together in a fashion of organization that allows for relativity to be completely integrated into the system using the machine thought look within machine thought loops to create the meta-levels from the personoid article to be in each level of the dynamics of the Machine Thought diagram within another Machine Thought diagram inside its Hidden Layer then that would allow a transcendent A.I. to exist because of its cybernetic nature. Each meta-level from the inside out would take the fundamental mathematical calculations and relate them together into concepts that relate together on higher concepts using programming that utilizes classes.
    This way we can engage in the transdisiplinary analysis that allows us to triangulate a solution from two verified points of view.
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