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  • I agree somewhat. I'm willing to learn more about the details of each conflict and event but didn't have any luck with reliable comprehensive resources yet.
    That was timely. I always thought you had something going for you. Even when everyone had those stupid sigs up... Hell I had one to. Thanks for helping out.
    Do you think I will get banned? I am asking you because you are the type of person I would think would have a good guess and I also think you don't harbor resentment toward me.
    Its hard to remember all of them. Most recently it was that you asked a question in the 'Ask Architect' thread. I had tunnel vision after I had asked a question to him and you asked a question about a link to the book 'My True Type'. It just made me aware that I was too focused on one thing. I took it as a sign that I needed to accept what was said so I decided to go to the link and buy the book after some thought. Then I asked another question about my type from the results of the test in the book and you have made another comment -another thing to be aware of.

    I applaud your attention to what matters. There have been many a times where you have "caught" something that I overlooked or not paid attention to.
    Yes, that's interesting, the IT idea. I guess the reasons again come down to ethics. We cannot experiment as we can in other fields of science.

    Shame - haha...err..:borg:

    Biotechnology/nanotechnology + genetic research are going to be the most progressive fields, I believe.

    I wonder if most surgeons and clinicians would be NFJ- types. Although, when you go higher up you'd perhaps find the NTs who persisted through the mill.

    Anyway, I'm rambling.

    Thanks again, it was interesting to hear your perspective.
    I appreciate your replies.

    I relate to the aversion to people-centric approach and the interest in investigative methods. I like diagnosis, but abhor actual treatment. Someone convinced me to watch a couple of episodes of House, and I was surprised how much I related to his POV.

    And I totally agree on the treatment vs. prevention issue. One reason why I stopped doing what I was doing was exactly that. It seems treatment is more profitable, though...but I won't go down that bunny hole of ethics - it is complicated as hell....but interesting nevertheless. Prevention = government costs, etc, etc

    Yes, the road to research is cumbersome and long.
    Did you drop out because of the heavily regulated medical industry, or were there other reasons as well, such as areas of interest, etc?

    And yeah, the 8+ years seems daunting. One would have to have something like a calling in order to commit to that. And hope not to have a change of mind somewhere half-way.

    How is that going, you going out by yourself, if I may ask?
    I just realised how prying my question might have come across, sorry. I tend to blurt things out unceremoniously.

    Okay, I understand. I have been wondering since there seems to be a lot of frustration in the US about higher education fees. I couldn't imagine living in a country where a start in life would mean getting yourself into a debt of such proportions that you'd think twice - thrice about doing it. Sort of elitist - oriented, which to me - coming from a socialist-bent background, seems to widen the gap between the upper and lower social ranks even more.

    I really don't know which is better.
    Ah whateva, that's for me to judge is it not?
    I'm just messing around. You seem intelligent and not really a newb but that was just a joke.

    So erm, yo Kevin. Nice to meet you :P
    Hey there newb. You seem quite intelligent. I am Duncan. We might become friends. At least I hope so...
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