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  • *Fires an arrow over your head*

    The anxiety is still there, but there's excitement too. Moving out in a week so excited about that, also we had a meeting yesterday for the Archery club (as in we pissed about in a room for a while:D) and discussed the five or six tournaments we'll be attending over the next year. Nervous and excited about that. It'll be cool travelling around Ireland and meeting better Archers.
    Also I'm starting fencing in a few weeks. New people new rules, aghhh. But I get a sword!

    Ah, lots of money and social issues to panic over but lots to look forward to also! :D
    I also have nothing in common with these people as well. Well, apart from the fact that they're engineering PhD students.

    Don't you worry. I will manage just fine. ^_^
    Yes, I am at still at university. Doing a PhD by research and wondering for half of the day why in god I am doing a PhD. A good thing has come out of it. It has given me an income and surplus time to research a field of mathematics more in depth. With that said, the industry partner is going bankrupt and may liquidate the department I am liaising with. If that occurs my PhD is dead in the water and it would be a perfect opportunity to quit and do something else. In the transition process I will try and publish a couple of papers I have been working on. My make resume look good.

    I have never been evidently passionate about my views unless it has been on the internet. Alienation came as a result of my vast knowledge of everything and anything. Though, so far so good. My new friends do not know I am a libertarian and they have no idea what a libertarian is.
    Life? It has been slightly interesting. For two months, ending last week, I was in a downturn. Did not have any motivation to do anything so I simply surfed the net all day, even at work. Now deadlines are becoming manifest, it has given me the motivation to actually do some work. Work that is proving to be challenging and in turn, interesting. I had just given a presentation to my boss about what has proven to be unsuccessful and what seems promising. Bosses like that sort of thing. In the presentation/meeting I also found out that one aspect of my project will not be commencing this year but possibly next year. Ergo, for now, everything will be theoretical.

    What about yourself?
    What's up wrinkle-wench? Still dodging the reaper? I heard you were dating a frozen eyeball.

    Hrm. I guess when you reach your ripe old age you need the extreme sensations before you can feel anything!
    What's the matter with you? Don't you like dolphins?!? I mean, abs?!?

    Unfortunately tbh I have skinny white guy INTP abs, which do NOT come with cute kittens. These are sold separately.
    *Stabs Alisa for old times sake*

    I'm good. Alive.

    You? How's the very merry not -a-wedding thing going?
    Spoken just like a non-normal. We'll have you institutionalized in no time.

    There are only two things in life that concern me: commanding respect in the community, and having massive ripped abs.
    "I normally spend a lot of time outside, walking or having coffee, seeing my friends or just generally being out. "

    That's it... GET OFF THE INTP FORUM YOU IMPOSTER!!! lol, ok now I'm just picking on you :p

    Wow I could do the most hideous, monotonous soul-destroying job if only I could do it from home... the luxury you have... you do not even realise!

    I work in insurance now. I much prefer it to government work, which is extremely STJ to use MBTI terminology. It's still bureaucratic but I dno, less so. People seem to think I'm normal, too. Don't know how that happened. Guess I fooled them! :beatyou:
    My biggest problem atm is my weirdo housemate... I just saw him urinating in my bathroom with the door open... what a nutter!
    "My life these days mostly consists of doing the stuff I normally do"... informative :p are you still in the same job??

    Boring job, hey. I know the feeling. Ok, I didn't want to do this, but... *whisks you away* ... hope you don't mind :D
    Gee I haven't been here in a while. *looks around* Nah haven't moved yet :) I guess my Pness is bigger than I thought (and believe me, I thought it was big haha). It's still on the cards... somewhere, sometime

    What does your life consist of these days? (Is that a good question to ask an INTP? I haven't talked to one in a while. Feel free to answer any other question if suits :p)
    Yep, talking consumes a lot of energy and having so much stuff lately I really need to conserve it
    I don't care what breed of fly is in it, you said it was 100% apple!

    *Looks up Spanish fly*


    So that's why Minnie like you so much...
    I'll see you drowned you crooked old hag!

    Sleep is for the strong, because sleep is a necessity for rejuvenating your body, thus making you stronger.

    And I guess I can answer those questions the same as you..
    Hai :) I'm not nice I'm eccentrically over the top, sometimes. Other times I'm an evil, sarcastic and pessimistic jackass. But thanx. Widdly scuds?
    The Drag Queens here are basically function like strippers except they can only take so much off because...well...they are Drag Queens. But I think they would have appreciated your sticky pocket candy. They loved the donuts I handed out everwhere I went. I had a bucket of them.

    That's right. I handed out my sweet holes to anybody that would take them. I love a good metaphor. :D
    I won't have the wedding pictures for a while but I've got Bachelorette Party pictures. They involve naughtily shaped donuts and drag queens.

    hahaha, hilarious:oldman:

    Sadly, I am not doing the Lord's work. I am pursuing academic interests. Hence, fulfilling my intellectually based consumptive desires. :oldman:
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