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  • I just remember one of my friends pointing out your avatar and laughing, years ago when I just started out on this forum and the MBTI.

    It seems like a timeless reference of nostalgia now.
    Was the cactus salad yummy?
    Do you know what species of
    cacti were being used?
    No. I vomit strictly in the
    kitchen sink. I am not caught
    up in what the fuck you
    people think.
    I have been working on writing an analog artificial neural network with hidden layers and back propagation of error. I have written a single perceptron model which works alright with an R^2 of 0.64 consider the nature of the input data. I used the concepts developed in this first program and applied it the multi layered perceptron model. However, I am having difficultly with the accuracy of prediction. I have been playing with a few free variables and it has seem to increase the accuracy but my progression is slow.

    I was wondering if you have attempted anything along artificial neural networks.
    I noticed you were good with computer programming. Could you help me out on a program I am writing at the moment?
    Oh no, I did some stalking and know who you are now. :D You were on that Ignoring Females thread. Something about subtly kissing Jenny's ass. :p
    Wait, you joined in 2008? WHO ARE YOU?! We're breaking up you sneaky little slut!
    C'était ton utilisation de trémas dans ta langue inventée, je pense. Mais si c’est basé sur le Français, ça explique pourquoi je n’ai pas eu grande difficulté à la comprendre.
    J’habite sur la rive sud, mais je suis aussi souvent en Montréal grâce à l’école.
    C’est rare de rencontrer d’autres Montréalais ici. J’aurais deviné que tu venais de la Scandinavie.
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