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Recent content by A22

  1. A22

    Shiny Happy People

    I do because they make me sad because by seing them I remember I'm not happy.
  2. A22

    Things seem so pointless, for a day or two.

    I don't even know where to post this, this isn't literature, at least it isn't supposed to be, it's more of a monologue I guess. I deleted it and wrote it again three times, but I feel like I have to talk about it, even though I don't really want to talk about it - at least not with anyone I...
  3. A22

    Google Glass open to Creatives

    I'll only use it if there's a sunglass version.
  4. A22

    What was your relationship with your parents like when you were growing up?

    I was talking to some IXTX friends of mine and they told me that, like me, they were sort of distant from their parents during their adolescence, specially from their father - which is also true for me. I think that's one of the factors that led me to be an introvert. What about you?
  5. A22

    So I've come to the conclusion...

    I don't think 3. We'd act more, think less. was about political changes, Starswirl.
  6. A22

    So I've come to the conclusion...

    The problem is staying only half drunk.
  7. A22

    Humans on Mars

    One has to be insane to spend the rest of one's life trapped with unknown people inside a house, eating cereals and being watched 24/7 (it'd be a reality show if I got it right) in a giant, oxygenless, desert with a 30min ping to the nearest server. And there are no cops nor laws so that'd be...
  8. A22

    What are you currently playing? Rate it.

    I'll give Borderlands a try, seems nice. How many hours did you guys put into the game before finishing it / stop enjoying it? I`m currently playing Unreal Tournament 3. It's a 2007 Arena FPS. The singleplayer campaign is kind of boring, but the multiplayer is awesome, even 6 years after the...
  9. A22

    climate preference

    As cold and rainy as it gets.
  10. A22

    Obscure Jazz music

    Bumping this gentlemen's thread. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VihgeOi0Rn8
  11. A22

    Programming is good

    Money. It’s a well-paid job. Who pays well for it? Non web-developing.
  12. A22

    Rate your sanity

    Lately, 4. Working my way not to get up to 5.
  13. A22

    Stuff INTP's don't care about

    Social obligations like saying "hello/goodbye" or "happy birthday!"
  14. A22

    The Chad

    Coming home drunk could be a problem.
  15. A22

    Privacy has disappeared and nobody noticed

    The fact that some companies use cookies to track the websites you visit (which is avoidable) and automatically advertise the product you are most likely going to buy doesn't mean you lost your privacy. Telephoto lenses are around since the XV century and voyeurism was always there. It is...
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