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Recent content by 13lack_Light

  1. What makes an XXXJ an XXXJ?

    What I mean by my title is, what makes them become more of a J person? Is it on the Nature side or the Nurture side? I envy people to a certain extent, because it seems to me that these guys don't procrastinate as often. Procrastination is really starting to affect my life, and stuff I...
  2. tactics games

    Did anyone here like Fallout Tactics? The only other title up there I am familiar with is Final Fantasy Tactics (which I absolutely loved). I'm sure everyone here likes fallout 1/2 way more, but something about Fallout Tactics just...I dunno, I just really liked it.
  3. Free Games you play

    If I start playing text twist, I don't stop. And I only started once.
  4. Dragon Age Origins

    The best is, as a mage, rounding up a bunch of enemies into a group, cast Virulent Walking Bomb on one, freeze it with Cone of Cold, shatter it with Stone Fist, which results in instant-death, which then results in the bomb exploding, spreading to other nearby monsters of the group, who then...
  5. Best Electronica?

    Man now I have to go search up all these unknowns. I wish all this music was just instantly delivered to my hard drive.
  6. Good Games for INTPs

  7. Halo Sequels?

    It sucks that none of the games can match Halo 1 when it comes to intense fun and replay value. Another random thought about the series in general: I was kinda mad that, other than the first 2 books, none of them really connected to the games. I was especially pissed that they didn't continue...
  8. INTP Jobs

    I want an INTP who has a job they love to post that job here. It would be a plus if it is something that requires little education (as in school training). Thank you. :)
  9. INTP Laziness

    Yup, now if there was a job that paid you to be lazy, or in fact instructed you to be lazy...I wonder how that would pan out. If you are being TOLD to not do it...hmmmm...
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