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12th-July-2013, 07:04 AM
Items (crappy names):

Clean Drinking Water: Distributed by the Survival Industry.

Food: This food contains all the nutrients, vitamins, and energy humans need to sustain life. This item is also distributed by the Survival Industry free of cost. Like water this item nearly incapable of causing health issues. Negates the desire for food for a whole day

Nero Suit: This suit is responsible for regulating body temperature, hygiene, hair length, and nail length.

Shelter Box: Creates a protective field around it's caster consisting of plasma, preventing insects and other intruders from accessing the caster. This is very useful when camping outdoors.

V.C.D (Virtual Conscious Device): A device that connects the mind to the internet, allowing people to access information, communicate, entertain themselves, and escape reality for a period of time. These devices are constantly updated via satellite and are compact with many programs that assist the user such as the Health Status Report (HSR), which informs the user of any issues with their bodies and possible solutions. The Device is covers the eyes like goggles and has multiple modes of vision. All functions are carried out with thoughts.

Hoover board: Able to be connected to the footing of the Nero Suit and is also controlled entirely by thoughts.

Mouth Gum: Eliminates harmful bacteria in mouth.

Tissue: Extremely durable tissue that attracts all off a specified area and detracts it after 10 seconds, leaving the tissue germ-less.

Humans have discovered an extremely long lasting power source and are using it to power technology. They have also created a food that has no taste and everything a human needs in one serving, and successfully created an interface that allows people to connect their minds to the internet with technology. The Distribution industry gives out items free of cost, since currency has been rendered useless due to the new discoveries. They are also responsible for gathering materials for creating custom packages, which are based off the needs of the consumer.

12th-July-2013, 07:10 AM
Artificial Oxygen Device: A small device that quickly converts surrounding air molecules into oxygen. This allows people to venture even further into space.

12th-July-2013, 03:00 PM
An emergency life support device, it has a battery, some capacitors and a vial of adrenaline so if your heart starts fibrillating it can defibrillate and restart it, or if your neck is broken it can take over from the brain to keep the heart beating, meanwhile the brain's blood supply gets redirected into a closed loop, a filter removes carbon dioxide and the blood gets re-oxygenated from a small oxygen canister through a thin membrane of some sort.

Simply the idea is to install various bits of technology that, though insufficient to sustain a conscious person for any significant length of time, could extend the survival time of a critically wounded & unconscious person for 10min, greatly improving the chance of paramedics getting to them in time.

For example lets say you're surfing, the wave breaks on a underwater sandbank you didn't know about and you go head first into the hard sand, knocking you unconscious, the body can survive without oxygen for a fair while but the brain is mere minutes away from asphyxiation, an emergency life support device could give you the time to regain consciousness and save yourself from drowning, even if your lungs are already full of water.

Or you get stuck in some seaweed and die a horribly slow death.

12th-July-2013, 03:05 PM
In the stomach a ~200g canister of activated charcoal so if you poison yourself you can at least reduce the severity of your positioning, or if it's a paralytic poison then having circuitry regulating your heartbeat and breathing could give your liver & kidneys time to get rid of it, and again the closed loop blood supply to he brain could prevent a neurotoxin from giving you irreparable brain damage.

12th-July-2013, 05:30 PM
I completely forgot about poison.