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  1. Free Will? [Thread Split]
  2. Understanding Made Simple
  3. Earth-centric beauty and fascination
  4. Why Do So Many People Hate Ayn Rand?
  5. The Meaning of Life
  6. Singularity: Reset of the Hedonic Treadmill
  7. come at me brah
  8. Philosophical questions from a young age.
  9. Kill Yourself
  10. In Google We Trust
  11. What is Religion for?
  12. If the universe was created from nothing... Aren't we also born the same way ourselves ?
  13. Nihilistic, or just depressed?
  14. Stoicism
  15. Can science cause madness?
  16. My ultimate question about life
  17. Why beauty matters
  18. Metaphors/Analogies/Etc
  19. Neurology & Philosophy
  20. Questions about principles.
  21. The pain of existing...
  22. Death
  23. The Collective Unconscious (CU)
  24. New Communism
  25. "The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point, however, is to change it."
  26. People who don't work shouldn't live?
  27. vegetarianism / veganism versus meat eating
  28. Optimizing for Intelligence
  29. What do you value?
  30. Will computers become a human right?
  31. Celebration of the Artificial
  32. How did Einstein arrive at Time in SRT ?
  33. Who are You?
  34. Is heaven truly utopia? (Non-Religious)
  35. Where do You Find Beauty?
  36. Puppeteer
  37. Shattering Hume's Guillotine
  38. stopping at 1
  39. What Is It To Be Human?
  40. Occam's razor
  41. "The subject of one stage (of evolution) becomes the object of the subject of the next stage"
  42. Scientific heresy.
  43. Epigenetics and Memory
  44. Thread split from scared of sex: Advertising = ?
  45. Getting into philosophy early.
  46. An alternative to war - a Geneva Convention on paintball
  47. The Deity and the Pariah
  48. Fundemental Flaws (maths)
  49. A question about the use for philosophy
  50. A Great Article On Subjectivity vs. Objectivity
  51. Divine inventions: The Ribosome
  52. The Neuroethics of Cellular Automata
  53. The Innate of Sophia's chilidren
  54. Modern Feminism/Feminism Problematic Merge
  55. Oneness
  56. The Traits and Values of a Good Debater
  57. Concept of self
  58. New Tradition
  59. Questions vs Answers
  60. Destroying the ego; a fruitless journey?
  61. What makes a subject or question philosophical?
  62. Freedom & Fear
  63. Just found out I'm a Machiavellist. Why is this so bad?
  64. Which one is "reality?"
  65. An Idea
  66. Aging
  67. Is death consistent?
  68. Power and Value
  69. Moral Zeitgeist of The Future
  70. Is Law Insulting?
  71. We live forward, but we understand backward
  72. Individuality
  73. A & B theories of Time
  74. what kind of leader would you be?
  75. Things that happen late at night
  76. Ideas for a Better World
  77. Philosophers Determine Society's Zeitgeist?
  78. Polyandry
  79. Enlightenment & The Will to Power
  80. The Question of God
  81. Meaning & Existential Inference
  82. Birthdays
  83. I Demand a Formal Debate
  84. Objectively Subjective
  85. Romantic Love, what is it?
  86. The loss of ideals
  87. Man Kinds down fall due to politics?
  88. Naturalists are dogmatic.
  89. cultural indoctrination?
  90. Meaning
  91. Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts, theories etc.
  92. Slight crisis
  93. Is it better to be driven by pleasure or driven to avoid pain?
  94. Is it possible to fully understand your self?
  95. Lose everything to know the truth?
  96. Moral Guidelines & Cultural Canons
  97. When Philosophy Entails Thought Becoming Actions
  98. Transcending Transhumanism
  99. Could you be a Prince\ss?
  100. Phobos and aphobia
  101. "How Modal Logic Proved Gödel was Right, and God Exists"
  102. Author-god
  103. What occurred to me the other day...
  104. Missing out
  105. The Human Problem
  106. Amor Fati: The Mindset of the Truth Seeker
  107. the internet enables us to transform or project ourselves into artworks
  108. The Void
  109. Am I the only one who "feels" like this "inhuman"?
  110. Benevolent Intelligence?
  111. Plan vs. Not Plan in Decision making
  112. purposeless universe
  113. Speculation(s) and Ideas on Psychology, Sociology and Information
  114. Chemical Weapons
  115. Why do something exists rather than just nothing?
  116. Independent Variables
  117. ~ Rerum Dei ~
  118. Why is money a number
  119. Metaphysical Atheism
  120. Concepts out of Context
  121. Do you fear the physical means of your death, or the unknown part?
  122. Any obscure content or information worth sharing?
  123. What is ultimately attractive in an abstract sense? (influence?)
  124. Truth Contest: Spiritual Warfare.
  125. Tribal Journeys
  126. Society of Control
  127. The Net
  128. Define Truth
  129. Your opinion: absolute truth or subjective truth?
  130. Science is insane?
  131. Absolute Truth
  132. Rousseau, specifically Progress vs Stability in Modern Times
  133. Male Sexuality, Masculinity and Friendship
  134. what is "nothingness"
  135. reasons?
  136. what do you fear in the external world
  137. Cosmic Family
  138. Exact relation between Appearance and reality
  139. What's my philosophy?
  140. Übermensch
  141. Could lucidity through science be the downfall of our species ?
  142. What is Post-Human?
  143. I am Gaia
  144. What is reality?
  145. Can I ever resonate more?
  146. I am enlightened. you are deluded!
  147. Consciousness of Consciousness
  148. Who am I?
  149. The Last Question And The Last Answer.
  150. Neo Formality
  151. Is this what modern philosophy haz come to?
  152. Non dual awareness proves nothing
  153. Multiple Choice, Transhumanism
  154. Is belief a right?
  155. Teaching Dogs Algebra
  156. The need for a god
  157. Anyone interested in consciousness must read David chalmers
  158. The sin of Ignorance
  159. Untold Stories
  160. Philosophy is dead
  161. Is it theoretically possible to bring back the dead to life?
  162. Why are we conscious?
  163. What you hear is wrong.
  164. Is reality as we know it simply a hologram?
  165. Consciousness without the five senses
  166. Why are Individuals Equal(?)
  167. Computer code discovered in the understanding of our universe.
  168. Serious Void
  169. What's the opposite of one?
  170. Is suicide selfish?
  171. What is Fair?
  172. Am I too serious?
  173. A not so simple question.
  174. Interesting conclusion.
  175. To be true to yourself
  176. Nihilism = positive
  177. On Love
  178. lol wat? I shouldnt be loling I guess. But I am not anyway.
  179. Reading Marx's Capital Vol I with David Harvey
  180. To know everything...
  181. Overrated Intellectuals - Michel Foucault
  182. Regret
  183. Gender issues seems to be a sensitive issue even on here
  184. Detachment Problem
  185. There is no true compassion.
  186. The disruption of Reason
  187. Moral Relativism
  188. Philosophy is a Discipline
  189. What is the Meaning of Life?
  190. What is the Nature of Consiousness?
  191. What Measure is a Non-Human?
  192. Would a Virtual Paradise be Ideal?
  193. belief as a tool
  194. Empiricism Rests on Flawed Logic
  195. Man before knowledge?
  196. Men phased out?
  197. Against the Seductions of Trans-humanism: Responsibility for the Human Future
  198. Postgenderism and the Brave New World
  199. What is the hardest question?
  200. Insights, amongst other things
  201. Is Originality a Delusion?
  202. Another free will/determinism question
  203. Does determinism rule out solipsism? (or the other way around perhaps)
  204. Live for Self or Ideal?
  205. Patriarchy
  206. Self expression in speech
  207. My version of reincarnation.
  208. A Revitalization of Spirit
  209. Love & Ownership
  210. Monogamy is irrational and immoral
  211. Would polyamory satisfy you?
  212. Have you ever interacted with a truly evil person?
  213. What are your favorite or otherwise most significant tools of logical reasoning?
  214. Is our world totalistic?
  215. Your religion?
  216. Animekitty's Philosophic Compositions
  217. I've never meditated before.
  218. Aesthetics
  219. Potato Salad
  220. Which is better, to live with serious pain or to be dead without pain.
  221. Is Consciousness the Unified Field?
  222. How to define.
  223. Good Values, Love, and Happiness?
  224. "Being rich isn't about how much you have, but how much you can give."
  225. On randomness and a complete description of the universe
  226. Ideas People Things.
  227. The Problem with Political Authority
  228. 10 Ten Issues
  229. The illusion of consciousness
  230. Tree or Forest?
  231. My Ideal Future
  232. Deception
  233. what theories do you find most intellectually stimulating?
  234. Stoicism. Your opinion and your usage.
  235. Changing the world
  236. An agreeable feminist
  237. What jobs might be useless in an ideal world?
  238. Can you be happy forever?
  239. It is better to do nothing then to do something
  240. The Freemasons
  241. competitivity vs virtue: how to fo find a balance?
  242. Original thoughts
  243. Failure of will or doing what you want?
  244. Your Take on Technology Advancement: Good or Bad?
  245. creative potential
  246. Minority acceptance vs embracing (Gay/Bi/Xdress example)
  247. Mechanism (how and why)
  248. Solipsism
  249. How would you justify telling me that I should not torture and kill the next person I see?
  250. What is the meaning of life?