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  1. Absence from the forum
  2. Why did you pick your name?
  3. Chat in IRC
  4. Birthdays!
  5. The Random Thoughts Thread
  6. You know you're an Intp when...
  7. IRC Tutorial
  8. Which country are you from?
  9. Would People be surprised to find out you're an Introvert?
  10. Member Assisted Forum Search
  11. Lucid Dreaming
  12. Funny vids
  13. Three Wishes
  14. What is you Code?
  15. Pasgetti Sas
  16. A Single-Minded Obsession
  17. Ask QuickTwist (^_^)V (including about his mental illness)
  18. Personal Blogs
  19. Globalization
  20. Existetial despair? My story: a brief summary.
  21. Energy Crisis and Pessimissim
  22. We're all Slaves! All of Us!
  23. Building a Computer
  24. Your living arrangements/accommodation (INTP houseshare such a terrible idea?)
  25. Graphology (analyze me)
  26. My absence. +
  27. What is your 'Happiness?'
  28. Posting Quirks? The unconscious objective of my post.
  29. Will it fit?
  30. Inside the INTP Bodybuilder - The guided tour
  31. Paradoxical Commandments
  32. Have you ever told the whole truth to anyone?
  33. Thoughts/Philosophies on Drug Use - Marijuana
  34. Fish and Veggies
  35. You strike it semi-rich and want to retire somewhere with a low cost of living.
  36. Morality of Counterfeiting
  37. How often do you indulge in hedonism?
  38. How Many Meals Per Day?
  39. What if you are wrong?
  40. How should a woman balance work & personal life
  41. Lulu (App)
  42. Surveillance Society
  43. Elite hacker passed away
  44. Photos of yourself from the previous Century
  45. Always seeing finality
  46. Merged threads: Distill your crap/any minimalist on board?
  47. Dealing with Dentists
  48. You have a marriage offer from a British Royal
  49. Types and the Scientific Method
  50. What is your favorite supervilline?
  51. The day the introverts silence the extroverts
  52. A fly without wings.
  53. Is there a moral obligation to be nice?
  54. Hive mind
  55. Have you ever gone to a psychic?
  56. Why Do We Smile?
  57. Get a job, ya fricken hobo!
  58. Walter Mitty a schizoid?
  59. Forgotten/Lost Passwords
  60. Who is Mr. Cafe Bot...
  61. What is your interpretation?
  62. 20 somethings, we need to get out of our collective butts
  63. Seriously amazing video
  64. What would you do if you got robbed of everything?
  65. Tongue Perception
  66. Eyeglasses And Sunglasses With Respect To Eyesight
  67. Solitary activity: canoeing
  68. Dreams
  69. I just had déjà vu
  70. Martin Manley, statistician: life and suicide chronicled
  71. Opposite day is normal day
  72. Brick vs Sun
  73. Check this out!
  74. Watches
  75. Challenge: Opening Up Under Perceived Anonymity
  76. Computer Love/Hate
  77. Goddamn Salesmen, lol
  78. Poll: How often do you look at the results before voting in a poll?
  79. What language to learn, German or French?
  80. not saying something because you're afraid it'll seem like you just thought of it
  81. Confessions
  82. How Unique Are You?
  83. Supercentenarian People
  84. Say Good Night
  85. Best place to exchange your coins?
  86. Truth Contest
  87. Where has everybody gone?
  88. are most of you sapiophiles like me?
  89. why do you speak?
  90. Thread impact
  91. What do you want?
  92. water skiing/wakeboarding
  93. Cognitive Bias Man
  94. World hates me
  95. What Did You Want to be When You Grew Up?
  96. What's yo height?
  97. Vivid fantasies of my imagination.
  98. do any of you intp's work-out?
  99. Watching yourself
  100. Annoying Little Introverts
  101. Raw meat diet.
  102. How would you describe us forumites?
  103. $0.02 stamp letters
  104. Mobile Desktop
  105. Arguement on 'belonging'
  106. Types and Tattoos
  107. How weird is posting on this forum really?
  108. Explain XKCD
  109. Ground Breaking Theories or... 'not'
  110. Too much salt or too much sugar?
  111. How many of you belong to other forums?
  112. At what point is a person too drunk to consent for sex?
  113. How Introspective Are You?
  114. Troll Evolution
  115. Top 5
  116. INTPf History Book Project, Define a Member!
  117. Elisa Lam
  118. Link videos or text that you think might improve the intersubjective thinking abilities of forumites
  119. Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey
  120. Interesting old post I made years ago on a different forum. Good read I think
  121. Real Talk with the Gopher
  122. Ask me some questions.
  123. I have a feeling someone is going to DDoS Google.
  124. Tools for your thoughts
  125. A Farewell
  126. The Vivacity Vortex
  127. What would happen if we couldn't hear ourselves?
  128. Enemies and fools
  129. What would you choose?
  130. Brain Computer Interface (BCI)
  131. Three Things.
  132. Why I hate vampires in the modern era
  133. How to pronounce 'adobe'?
  134. Forum Statistics
  135. Get lucky
  136. Any cyborgs? Or long-term invalids?
  137. Insanity "Commune"
  138. Animals and Bloodsports
  139. Talking with your hands
  140. Develop Your Sense of Condescension. It's a Likable Trait.
  141. Anyone else donated to wikipedia?
  142. Hi, I'm new
  143. Interesting things to learn
  144. Let meeeee entertain you~
  145. INTP Holiday Misery
  146. Gloria Sol Invictus!
  147. Merry Christmas!
  148. Witty Retorts to Common Remarks
  149. New Years Resolutions!
  150. Best Gifts You've Ever Gotten
  151. Happy New Year 2014
  152. Ask Helvete
  153. All-Seeing Eye at centre of Sydney's NYE celebrations
  154. How severe are the thoughts in my head? (contemplating suicide and other junk)
  155. The philosophy of my cat, "Snowy".
  156. Most [redacted] Foods You've Eaten!!
  157. The end is nigh [or: Bitcoin wannabes]
  158. Alpha Males on the TV Show The Bachelor
  159. What do you over react about?
  160. Canis lupus familiaris
  161. What is "meaning"? What is an idea?
  162. The idea of Human/AI intimate relationships turn me on
  163. What do you think of feminism
  164. Moved: Mikaeel Kular Case
  165. John McAfee - Did he do it?
  166. Lonely and hungry, in need of dinner
  167. Subcutaneous Nodule
  168. Driving a Car
  169. Children are a trap
  170. What things make you happy?
  171. Rules and exceptions in interaction.
  172. The perfect house should have...
  173. Does your cat meditate?
  174. Sentences.
  175. Small Life +'s
  176. Your Reaction to a Public Vid
  177. Easier to correct than create?
  178. An E/I NTP/NTJ Support group
  179. Type the two members mentioned above as something they don't identify as
  180. Type this video celebrity
  181. The hungover club
  182. Bill Nye vs Ken Ham
  183. Something to think about?
  184. Eating Live Animals
  185. I was wondering if i was the only one, but do videos such as these amuse INTP'S? or am i just a weirdo? Anyone who played mike tysons punchout on nintendo would get this...
  186. help. I don't respect any1 I know intellectually
  187. Why do homosexual people want to get 'married'?
  188. Internet as distraction
  189. Got your goats ready for Lupercalia?
  190. Thinking of getting a cat.
  191. anyone meditate? what have you learned?
  192. News
  193. Why do people create Alternative Accounts?
  194. Why do people get married or fall in love?
  195. Math Question
  196. I always misrepresent myself in text format. help me understand what I do wrong?
  197. Do sh*ts need to be given to like... social conventions?
  198. Suffering from existensial boredom
  199. Who does this apply to?
  200. TSR's Quiet Place.
  201. Talking to yourself
  202. why can't we be who we want to be?
  203. INTP needs help: HOW TO GET A LIFE & HOW TO BE A HUMAN
  204. Self-induced Sleep Deprivation and Fasting
  205. Are women more valuable?
  206. Stuff I want to obsess about
  207. What drew you to MBTI?
  208. Why can't I find any mention of intelligent pursuit on dating websites?
  209. little party game I created on the fly
  210. Report: Only 20 Minutes Until Introverted Man Gets To Leave Party
  211. "Why do you always use big words?"
  212. Depression is balls. Sometimes I hate being INTP. So easy to get depressed
  213. Prosumer as Sage
  214. Childfree club
  215. Surreal Moments
  216. The World of Stuff
  217. Tralalala: singing
  218. New here, hello all!
  219. Ive been thinking about time.
  220. I think I've become too arrogant to brag.
  221. Some dudes take on Feminism
  222. Latest SMBC
  223. You will be old, sick, alone, depressed. And then you will die, in pain
  224. The enjoyment and expression of male enticement seems culturally repressed
  225. How to kill extreme level of self-consciousness and analysing everything
  226. Ophiophagus
  227. The Pun Thread 2.0
  228. Your covering
  229. Guardians, Guardians Everywhere!
  230. Post your most common nightmares when you sleep.
  231. Daring Reporter Interviewing Posters
  232. Why do teens use sex to further advance themselves in a social structure?
  233. Disappointment with accomplishment
  234. What shall ye choose?
  235. Thr right side of the bed
  236. What shall ye choose? 2
  237. Imagination Time
  238. I hate driving ...
  239. THD/TA video for Auburn (on ENTPs)
  240. My first theory of reality
  241. Ask Ask
  242. South America for a week - where should I go?
  243. thank you
  244. Missing thunbs in "The road"
  245. Hail, Creator!
  246. I need a mind boggling indie game
  247. Rock, paper, and scissors: Patterns to win
  248. Whats everyone nationality/ethnicity here?
  249. Who shall you save?
  250. I got to spend 3 days here for an unpaid stop sign violation