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  1. I'm 34 and still don't know what to do with my life. GAAAA!
  2. The School System
  3. Your career ascent (or downward spiral)
  4. On Ambition
  5. Former SSG in the US Army now going ROTC
  6. Lazy INTP bum
  7. Problems with Narcissism, Anxiety, and Anhedonia
  8. I need intp advice. Urgently.
  9. Who programs, or wants to get into programming?
  10. Are you self employed?
  11. How to survive/ INTP coping mecanisms in a workplace?
  12. Bored bored bored
  13. $2 pay cut: vent thread
  14. workplace BS
  15. Experiment on high school students?
  16. College Bubble
  17. Career advice?
  18. Aerospace or Computer Engineering?
  19. Accountant wanting a career change at 28
  20. How do I get myself to study?
  21. Compulsory conflict resolution education
  22. Career for INFP?
  23. What do you do with unlimited freedom?
  24. So tired of school
  25. Can't keep a job
  26. Extreme School Idea
  27. Practical psychology jobs?
  28. Elementary Logic by Willard Van Orman Quine : Is this really hard or am I retarded?
  29. Using my strengths
  30. Advice for a potential physics major (bachelor's)
  31. MBTI personality typing/consulting/therapy as a business service
  32. How to choose a career
  33. alternatives to engineering?
  34. How do I get back into programming?
  35. Any INTP finance careers?
  36. Hazing in Fraternities: Toxic Masculinity in Brotherhoods
  37. 25 years to realize thi simple fact.
  38. Project-Based Learning
  39. INTP ways to cool down
  40. I need intp advice: Version 2.0
  41. Please help. Obsessed with attaining academic prestige.
  42. If you want to become a web developer
  43. Anthropology Major thinking of Urban Planning
  44. Quick question/potential survey on reference wording
  45. What do you do?
  46. Knowledge Management
  47. Notebook or Binder?
  48. Mediation...
  49. Is a GED worth it?
  50. Job/school like/dislike
  51. I Too,Need Advice.
  52. Careerswitch towards Craftsmanship?
  53. one more thing i'm overthinking.
  54. One month to employable programming proficiency
  55. What are your itches?
  56. Philosophy Major
  57. INTP in Architecture / Need advice [Merged]
  58. what job when taken out of existence has the greatest negative impact on the greatest number of people
  59. Forks in the road.
  60. Mathematics
  61. No REAL friends in High School
  62. Seeking feedback on my startup impartu
  63. BA, Biochemistry and beyond
  64. New Job!
  65. Behaviour and success
  66. Student Debt Solution: Study Overseas?
  67. math in programming
  68. Cognitive Science
  69. Deals for Students
  70. Octave, Matlab or c++
  71. Telecommute / Work from Home jobs (organizing my thoughts)
  72. Question for any web devs
  73. Tips and tricks for absorbing concepts in math?
  74. Norway or Sweden for living/studying?
  75. Supervisor professor
  76. Transitioning into a new profession... I'm ready!
  77. job recomendations
  78. University is just too fucking hard
  79. Boss Thinks I have an Attitude
  80. I am thinking i ruined my life, and the feeling just doesn't goes away
  81. Contemplating transferring between universities. Should I?
  82. Screwing yourself with unintended consequences
  83. How are you holding up during finals week?
  84. Cake Advice
  85. How can I find out what area of physics I'm most interested in?
  86. Timed writing tests
  87. Ideas for how to win scholarships
  88. A career in HR
  89. Any Astrophysicists Here?
  90. Firefighting: Spinning off from 'anger' thread
  91. Possible work/school/family conflict, thoughts, advice?
  92. No idea what I want to do.
  93. Coworkers. Office People. Misery.
  94. Would you be satisfied with a purely menial job?
  95. Not listing professors' names when signing up for classes.
  96. Sales/marketing
  97. Help! Need at new [transitional] job to save my sanity.
  98. How to study math as an INTP
  99. The Death of the Artist
  100. Learning full stack development
  101. Time for a cool change
  102. How can INTPs make bank?
  103. INTPs as lawyers
  104. The grass is always greener..
  105. programming language
  106. INTPs in management?
  107. If you could only study one more thing for the rest of your life...
  108. I want to study psychology am I making a mistake?
  109. Data science
  110. Fun examples of vpython for physics
  111. which of these CS programs is better
  112. Writing
  113. Does anyone have any experience with universities in Europe?
  114. What are you going to do when you retire?
  115. Any architects or psychiatrists here???
  116. Stupid crap for school
  117. When you have a problem you can't figure out
  118. Career Paths for me
  119. Over-analysing the future
  120. So I just finished high-school. What the hell do I do?
  121. If you would ever teach high school physics then...?
  122. Going to college in Fall, advice?
  123. Careers & Personality Type: Structure vs. Content
  124. Monty Hall Problem
  125. Career help - don't know what to do next
  126. Waking up in the morning... >:-O
  127. Linkedin: your opinions and experiences
  128. College boarding socialization issues
  129. Systems Analysis/Solution Architecture
  130. What do you think about Yelp, Google reviews, and other online business reviews?
  131. Job Shift, Civil to Petroleum Engineering
  132. Is anyone else failing college (or failed in the past)?
  133. Productivity/Getting Things Done...thanks Architect
  134. Technical Co-Founder... Is it worth it?
  135. Einstein was Boring before he was Brilliant
  136. Roommates
  137. pro procrastination
  138. I need to decide what to study...?
  139. Programming: INTP ingenuity
  140. Torrent Seeding
  141. Hello
  142. Leadership and Starting New Organizations
  143. Whiteboard: the secret to success on teams?
  144. Back to maths
  145. Head in the cloud
  146. Resume Help
  147. Architecture... what do I do?
  148. I need to make a big choice
  149. Should INTPs have jobs?
  150. At What Point in the Job Application Cycle Should I Send in my Resume, etc.?
  151. Hard Work!!!
  152. How can I study a college that I do not want to become my IDENTITY (!)?
  153. Studying Engineering
  154. I need career advice, has anyone been in the same position as me?
  155. Truck Driving?
  156. Ambitious?
  157. Critique of Modern-Schooling
  158. How many projects do you have right now?
  159. Help choosing College Major? (Personality Type, Intelligences, Interests...)
  160. I took the Compass test today
  161. Should I Accept Cofounder Status in a Startup?
  162. Not Enough Money
  163. Can't decide on the right path...advice?
  164. Do you think Forensic Psychology is a good career choice for INTPs?
  165. A question about how to homework
  166. Software Engineering vs. Careers with more humanism
  167. INTP in business?
  168. Hostel receptionist
  169. Successful INTPs In Business/Technology
  170. INTPs in Grade School
  171. Help picking a college major
  172. Hopefully My Last Career Thread for a While
  173. Changing roles?
  174. Working in corp vs academia vs govt
  175. I got kicked out of college, and my friends are more upset than I am
  176. What approach would you reccomend?
  177. Engineering vs. Philosophy
  178. Anyone here with military experience?
  179. INTP doctors or dentists?
  180. Phd in Food Stamps: What to do?
  181. Help: Criminal/Legal/Political
  182. INTP's and computer science
  183. Lawyers and programmers
  184. Help with Career
  185. istp as a medical doctor
  186. A funny thing...
  187. Getting pwned by computer science
  188. Convince me to do my homework
  189. Homeschooling: WHy not? Would you?
  190. Doubts About Chosen Career
  191. Great INTP career thread...
  192. Finally Decided on Major...Maybe
  193. HELPP : Frustrated with University
  194. INTP Career Changes at 50+?
  195. INTPs & the military
  196. Doubts About Career
  197. how did you study in school
  198. need ideas for a philosphy paper
  199. Hello! Im looking for some advice!
  200. INTP high school dropout in need of advice
  201. Slow starting tips
  202. 50 percent of INTPs make Less than $30,000
  203. Collective Career Advice Thread
  204. Job interview question
  205. Great career advice
  206. I need a job
  207. Future Mathematics/Quantum Relativity Career
  208. Desperate need of career help
  209. Could you help me with my work?
  210. Some Advice Required
  211. Career change at 29
  212. Absolutely Job/Career Desperate!!!
  213. INTPs THAT ENJOY YOUR JOBS--what do you do?
  214. How do you INTPs get your work done so fast?
  215. Which MBTI Types should really be Doing Finance?
  216. Mental fatigue or being lazy
  217. MBTI should be about more than feel-good statements!
  218. Living off campus, what to eat?
  219. Have you ever asked to be demoted?
  220. Concentration During School?
  221. Cross-disciplinary Communication
  222. Work is consuming me
  223. How do I become a solutions architect, or software architect, etc?
  224. Who is the "worst SEO company on earth"?
  225. Feeling Scatterbrained? Asana has been a lifesaver for this INTP
  226. Staving Off Lethargy
  227. Possible Career Paths for an INTP?
  228. IT certifications
  229. Deep Work
  230. High School Grades
  231. Apathy?
  232. Pedagogy & How to Raise Actualized People
  233. Overeducated unemployed
  234. Struggling in Dentistry, help?!
  235. Opinions on Future Jobs
  236. INTPs in Healthcare
  237. Architecture - Which direction?
  238. INTP feedback needed on career (and life)
  239. Successful INTP's, what career has made you happy?
  240. So Good They Can't Ignore You
  241. Need new problem solving activity, help me to understand coding.
  242. INTP vs university and career decisions
  243. Success Story
  244. Omg, elementary school
  245. How, what to program?
  246. "Communication" & Work
  247. Working Holiday
  248. From Humanities/Social Sciences to Math/Theoretical Sciences?
  249. Anonymus warnings
  250. Theoretical Physicist