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  1. Anger
  2. Dreams and the Subconscious
  3. Sleep paralysis
  4. can you be addicted to emotions?
  5. Can you read eyes?
  6. Sex fetishes
  7. Wisdom is a disease.
  8. Worst Fears [Phobias]?
  9. Any asexuals here?
  10. Why has obesity become the norm?
  11. Klonopin
  12. Are the intelligent more prone to depression?
  13. Recreational drug use/experimentation
  14. Nootropics
  15. How do INTPs Love?
  16. my theory of personality types
  17. "Not paranoid, it's perfectly logical"?
  18. Spearman's hypothesis, g and explication of black/white IQ differences
  19. INTPs with ADD?
  20. What is your IQ?
  21. I Haven't Seen a Thread About This So...
  22. Have you had experience with psychedelics?
  23. Motivational speeches don't seem to motivate me
  24. My Psychological Evaluation
  25. "Is Google Making Us Stupid" (an article about the consequences of using the internet)
  26. Holographic Thinking
  27. Looking for reliable IQ test.
  28. Academic Psychology
  29. Smoke weed to X
  30. Dual Processing Account of Reasoning
  31. Male sexuality: Double standards & social shame
  32. Psychopathy and schizophrenia
  33. Finally going in! (current readings)
  34. Are emotions needed for meditation?
  35. Do you love ugly truths?
  36. Piaget: Explanation of Bias Against Sensors
  37. Finding a good therapist
  38. Introspection
  39. Forgetting what's real
  40. Anger as a constructive force
  41. Scientifically Explaining Intuition
  42. INTP immune face to subliminal...
  43. Why is music so easy to remember?
  44. How to for real stop smoking/drugs
  45. Neurology & Philosophy
  46. Haters are, quite simply, going to hate.
  47. Predictability of myself
  48. Over-stimulation/Peace
  49. How do you let go? [Primal/Shadow]
  50. In the dark?
  51. Why...
  52. Do genes influence personality?
  53. Boredom
  54. Neurofeedback Readings
  55. The Ego: The essence of Personality Type.
  56. Diagnosed as Schizoaffective
  57. Constantly Under Attack
  58. Confessions of a Limited Working Memory Victim
  59. Limbo
  60. Detached
  61. Stroke case
  62. Do you 'push people's buttons' for your own amusement?
  63. light perception
  64. The Power of First Impression
  65. The 5 Stages of Death&Grief
  66. Are you a sociopath? Am I?
  67. Neuroplasticity / Behavioral Conditioning / Sexuality
  68. Can you imagine nothing in a world of nothing?
  69. Psychopaths may be curable?
  70. Any ideas on resetting a sleep cycle?
  71. Sensory Deprivation
  72. Is it possible to become more intelligent?
  73. Steve Pavlina
  74. Changing other people
  75. The individual
  76. GABA
  77. Depression as a neurodegenerative disorder
  78. Mania
  79. Different thought processes
  80. Bamberg's Possession Theory
  81. Bamberg's Contribution Theory
  82. Self Entitlement?
  83. Compulsive ideation (Ne) and hypoglycemia
  84. How would you describe the Distance?
  85. Theories on young male suicide?
  86. Dyspraxia. My learning disability
  87. Hearing voices before sleep?
  88. Social Subconscious Cues
  89. The effect alcohol has on me
  90. depression is balls :( dnt like it.
  91. psychopathy
  92. Which of these defense mechanisms do you use the most?
  93. Internet Persona and Real Self
  94. How Far Could/Would/Do You Go?
  95. Psychological Warfare
  96. synesthesia and savants Documentary
  97. Consciously choosing your influencers
  98. Doublethink Horror
  99. Meaning..
  100. Is Life Worth Living?
  101. Are Insults Legal?
  102. What is a social group?
  103. Iroquois dreams
  104. Is the neuroscientist Bradley Voytek a real or a fictional person?
  105. Why is it that those who remain calm during a conversation/debate are usually those whom are right/correct?
  106. Sexual Identity
  107. Feelings are Food?
  108. chemical environemnt and cognitive abilities
  109. Fantasy
  110. IQ TEST WHY
  111. NO Emotional Dilemma
  112. Adolescence
  113. Aging and Perceptual Changes
  114. Two Minds in One - Which is dominant
  115. Describe Yourself without Cognitive Functions
  116. rationality vs intelligence.
  117. Depression and fixing it
  118. Thread split from drunken club: Schizotypy and thin boundaries
  119. Uses of Alpha traits
  120. The Archetypes & Humanity
  121. To all practioners of Meditation
  122. INTJ and INTP, psychopaths?
  123. Nature or Nurture?
  124. The Importance of Deception
  125. Psychological Projection--The True Reason for Believing in God?--Another Cure for the Despairing Existential Nihilist?--The Bridge to Feeling Fully Alive?
  126. How do you compensate for your greatest fears?
  127. Idealization and Apathy
  128. Why am I being so pervert?
  129. Reading People
  130. Mature people are actually dumber?
  131. Best books about children education?
  132. The Psychology of Cyberspace, an online book
  133. I'll respond
  134. Typical moment
  135. freedom vs love and false freedom
  136. Meta Characters
  137. What about the architecture/ construction/building of the mind?
  138. Psychonauts. Enlightenment or drug induced illusion of enlightenment?
  139. Having Too Awesome Parents Makes Children Feel Intimidated
  140. Neurofeedback Training and Nootropics
  141. Mindfulness
  142. The Gypsified Mind of A Tortured Artist
  143. A Direct Apology to Moderators
  144. Partnership Rights: Spanned from: INTP Sexual Orientation
  145. Pederasty
  146. No Such Thing as Mental Illness
  147. Is socialization a need?
  148. People Pleasing
  149. Merged: Nobody's insulted in this thread: Is insulting another person even a bad or morally reprehensible thing to do?
  150. The Dark Side of Emotional intelligence
  151. "A Generational Pathology"
  152. Variety in sense of sureness when stating soft-knowables or possibilities
  153. Noticing almost instantly that a person is not trustworthy, probably not very nice and perhaps even dangerous
  154. Is this legit?
  155. Somewhat immune to marketing?
  156. Peculiar Mirror Observation
  157. Attention Seeking & Munchausen by Internet
  158. Detecting fake impression????
  159. How powerful is extreme social intelligence?
  160. Remorselessness
  161. Making Sense
  162. Social IQ Estimation
  163. Music in your head.
  164. Depression & Irritation correlation
  165. Social status
  166. Hyperconsciousness / Revelation / Deep fear / Disturbance
  167. The irrational takes over.
  168. Anyone got some links to good online reads for the purpose of understanding the human brain?
  169. Self handicap
  170. think and read
  171. Strategy & Tactics
  172. Rorschach inkblot test
  173. Theories of Psychological and Personality Development
  174. Anyone else think I/E acquisition of energy pseudoscientific crock of $***?
  175. Aptitudes
  176. Words are Emotional
  177. Why people not take action?
  178. Do other intp's enjoy the recreational use of marijuana as a way to find alternate solutions?
  179. How often do you cry?
  180. Mbti and dominant hemisphere
  181. Good books about emotions
  182. Sociopathy
  183. Physical Control of the Mind
  184. Feelings and Emotions - a manifestation of complex subconscious process
  185. What is love to you?
  186. Consciousness Defined
  187. why do we vocalize pain.
  188. introversion is nature here is why.
  189. Beyond the passive-aggressive/ confrontational dichotomy
  190. human genome and the possibilities with it.
  191. Possibility that proccess of thought could be an act of recollecting memory and making sense of it.
  192. extroverts change to introverts?
  193. Is my minds way of dealing with problems normal?
  194. adderrall or concerta/ritalin?
  195. Normal | Normality & Normalism
  196. Modern society is like monkeys in a zoo
  197. Dreams
  198. Drugs for emotions and mind
  199. Recalling the Past
  200. Solid TED talk from James Flynn
  201. Today i fought
  202. Stress
  203. What are your thoughts on Deja Vu?
  204. StPD Dudes
  205. Nihilism - Anxiety a contradiction of logic
  206. Quick question about Jung
  207. New Forms of Therapy
  208. Guilt
  209. Zoophobia
  210. Sense Of Time
  211. Forms of Cognition
  212. No Friends
  213. Don't like people going through my stuff
  214. Hierarchy of knowledge
  215. Which way do you exaggerate?
  216. Staring at Mountains
  217. Why Procrastinators Procrastinate
  218. Please help. I'm going mad
  219. Friend has aspergers and tested as INTJ
  220. Energy Drinks and how they affect you
  221. Introversion and working memory: central executive
  222. Lack of Imagination: No Mental Imagery
  223. Talking about other people
  224. Elliot Rodger, the Supreme Gentleman and his mass shooting [split from Psychology of the beautiful gyal]
  225. Last Reflections on Elliot Rodger
  226. People who become geniuses after severe head injuries.
  227. Loss aversion.
  228. Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome
  229. Schadenfreude
  230. Sleep Animal
  231. Criticism of Radical Acceptance
  232. Anybody else hate it when people give them suggestions?
  233. Folie deux: When crazy gets contagious
  234. Sleep Stuff
  235. Losing the capability for abstract thought
  236. Is something wrong with me? (Empathy)
  237. How does love happen?
  238. Altered states of consciousness.
  239. How do you clear your mind?
  240. Total lack of energy & motivation - what to do?
  241. What is your favourite colour?
  242. Synesthesia
  243. Wittgenstein vs thinking with words
  244. To Bring This Section To Our Head
  245. Book Collection IQ Correlation
  246. How to stop being a fattie fat fat?
  247. Whats the difference between code and language
  248. Trouble feeling intense emotions.
  249. Scientists model human reasoning in the brain's prefrontal cortex
  250. People taking advantage of you