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A Master From Germany
Jul 8, 2007
Where The Snakes Are
Certainly no danger, yet running this site through Securi showed 2 problems, both javascript. Both MW:JS:GEN2?malware.generic_jsobfuscator.1.2

The same as the last time things there was a problem -- although nothing seems to be wrong now.

One, reached through FTP, is the clientscript/yui/connection/connection-min.js?v=387

All I remembered was that in vBulletin Options > vBulletin Options > Server Settings and Optimization Options, there was a reference to YUI ( which means
Yahoo User Interface *.

I checked and that was turned off years ago, maybe because of this sort of thing from Securi, so I'll delete it and see if everything still stands.

Of course, vbulletin should have removed the Yahoo files when the YUI was turned off. Another reason to leave vBulletin.

Still checking the other one /clientscript/vbulletin_menu.js, but it all seems minor.

* vBulletin

YUI (Yahoo! User Interface Library) script files are hosted locally on your server, you may however have them served from Yahoo or Google servers, saving you some bandwidth and potentially decreasing load times.
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