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Why the Siberia Exile

Dec 23, 2013
In the Void
why not?
Aug 23, 2009
Because people actually love you. :[\/]
It's true. We could have just banned him. Instead we went with a cool off period.

After all these years I still have a deep seated lust for Wolfwood from Trigun.


guud languager
Sep 25, 2008
End of "Seasons of Mist" arc of Neil Gaiman's "The Sandman."

I highlight recommend it. It runs 75 issues. The first ten issues or so, he's trying to find his voice, but once he hits it, he runs with it.
Jan 8, 2010
New York City (The Big Apple) & State
I didn't particularly want to post anything while I was in Siberia. The reason would be lack of freedom if one thing led to another. I do have to ask myself why I was sent here. I can try to answer but wonder how much I will fall short.

Being a "nuisance" might be true but doesn't help unless I know how. My best conclusion at present is I was guilty of invading other's personal space. That fits. Assuming that covers the reason, I would still have to ask myself what would motivate me to do it?
Know thyself.

Possibilities for doing that could be (1) hostility toward others, (2) complaining about being a victim, (3) extroversion or (4) anything else people suggested. (1) and (2) don't fit. If I was complaining about something it would be lack of freedom. Invading others space would be a destructive freedom I wasn't aware of.
My current explanation which fits is: underneath I wanted to solve problems ... why things went wrong ... and to help make this a better place by fixing things. In other words, my intentions were good, my methods sucked. (I wonder if everyone doesn't have that motive to some degree.) Why I might unconsciously be motivated to do this is clued by giving some of my personal history growing up. I will do that at some point.

One thing is I went about this in the wrong way ... or it turned out after the fact it was wrong. I had the wrong idea to go about improving and fixing things by thinking from specific to general instead of starting general and letting people draw their own conclusions. By starting with specifics I stepped on people toes. I left out my Ni general vision.
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