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Who is your favorite super hero and why?


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Nov 1, 2015
Hong Kong
I'm expecting some interesting answers to this one, but maybe I have overthought the question. Mine is The Comedian from The Watchmen... super powers, though clearly no superman, I find I relate to the somewhat degraded morality of the character that wants to help the world but realizes how futile it is to try.


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Mar 14, 2010
Raven - Teen Titans. Very similar personality. Relate to her darkness and sarcastic way of relating with everyone. And downplayed emotions.


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Mar 16, 2017
Venezuela, Earth, Milky Way Galaxy
I had a crush on Raven several years ago :ninjahide:

Now, favorite superhero? Hm, maybe batman, yeah, too mainstream, but I like the way he keeps two lives and all the dark ambient around him (especially on the arkham game series).

I read a graphic novel about a month or so, Colder, that's pretty awesome, I'm not sure if I'd call colder superhero, but you should definitely look him up and read the comic (it's short, from dark horse), being able to enter the hunger world and making people insane back to normal (and viceversa) it's pretty cool.

Hellboy is pretty badass as well.


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Dec 12, 2009
Killy from "Blame!" or Zoichi Kanoe from "Biomega", I find them inspiring because they continue on after all hope is lost, in "Blame!" Earth is long gone and humanity appears to be on the brink of extinction and "Biomega" begins with a global zombie outbreak and then the world gets turned into a giant noodle flying through space.

They don't angst about it, they don't have to psyche themselves up, they just get on with it.


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Sep 25, 2008
It's hard to pick a "favorite" superhero when I've been tracking comics for what, almost 40 years? I mean, there's lots of different runs on different series that I've really liked. Sometimes I am into more positive heroes (like Spiderman), other times I could really get into stuff like "The Authority" which was balls to the wall. Of course I was reading stuff like Claremont's first run on X-Men (with Dark Phoenix) or Byrne's Fantastic Four when I was young.

As far as ones I felt more kinship with....

I identified somewhat with Fairchild from Gen13, but I can't say she was ever well-fleshed out for me to really grasp her.

Probably I identify most with either Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat) or Illyana Rasputin (Magik), depending on whether I'm in light or dark mode. ;) I watched Kitty grow up and become a lot tougher while still retaining her goodness, and she's done some amazing things in her life... and sacrificed herself for the world a few times over.

Magik meanwhile was lost as a child and had to toughen up and learn how to care for herself. She had to kill two people she loved when young, mostly for their own sake; and she was always tainted by the knowledge part of herself was very dark. he became pretty pragmatic and did what she think needed to be done, even when others quailed or would have refused for some personal reason.

Rachel Summers was pretty cool too -- the sole survivor of a dead future, back to try to make a difference somehow and feeling totally inadequate to do so. The horrors she had seen....

I will probably think of something even better later. That's how it works. :facepalm:

....Hellboy is pretty badass as well.
Yeah, Mignola's Hellboy rocked. Loved that. Great tone, great idea.


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Feb 3, 2012
Western superheroes hmm...

Lorewise my favorite would be the Green Lantern Corps. Each new GL is a good retelling on how a person grows into their otherwise infinite power (and that said power scales to their innate growth). Each one has their own hangups in life but that doesn't stop them from trying to be badass.

I forgot, individually, I like the way Damian Wayne (Robin) grew from super-bat-brat into someone more mature under the wing of Batman and Nightwing. Bruce himself is getting boring due to all the plot armor and the toxicity of the fanbase but his family are quite the read.
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Jan 24, 2013
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Donald Trump.
Aug 12, 2017
Alisha from Marvel's Agents of SHIELD. She could copy herself. I imagine being two of her. Oh wait, my succubus lets me do that every day!! :)


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Oct 21, 2012
Can I pick The Shadow (Lamont Cranston) from the radio show? He's kind of a precursor to Batman, but he doesn't have the flaw of being unable to kill.

If not him, then Batman, deductive, hypothetical, and imaginative skills are the real super power. Oh and money.


Apr 3, 2009
V, Rocket Racoon, Storm and Spiderman when I was young. I appreciate Batman for his rogues gallery.


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May 26, 2015
one punch man.
He just don't give a shit about being a pro hero.Saying it is a hobby while it is clearly more than that.
His situation is reminding me my situation, of not being an actual pro game developer while being skilled at it and doing many incomplete/uncommercialized games/software for many years.


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Dec 7, 2014
I never really grew up with superheroes so I don't really have a favorite. I was into Megaman when I was little, and that's probably the closest I have to liking a recreational fictional character.
Mar 11, 2016
Just North of Normal
Oh, y'all.

Captain America's a solid favorite. Moral, noble, strong mix of rationality and emotion, deep, etc. What a perfect character. He embodies a lot of what I believe America is meant to be. He's strong (I'm talking will-wise) and I love his loyalty to his old friend Bucky. He's a beautifully relatable and respectable, honorable character, which makes me feel really good.

On the other hand I've got Loki, (yeah yeah, not exactly a superhero most of the time.) a really interesting character who has a lot of story and development, and is relatable. In Captain America I can see/project the more positive parts of myself and aspirations. In Loki I can see more of my human traits. Flaws.
You may have noticed my avatar is 'Lady Loki.' I'm also thinking of being her for Halloween. (That or a Vulcan.)
& I looovvve Loki's style: green, black, gold, fur, metal, leather.. unngh. Black hair, green eyes, pale skin, black nails. Perfection.
I looovve this cosplayer.
[bIMG]http://s5.pikabu.ru/post_img/2014/04/17/8/1397733285_127632707.jpg[/bIMG] [bIMG]https://loschaos.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Female-Loki-by-Zeon-Foxie.jpg[/bIMG]


I love how there are different reincarnations of Loki, and how he wants to be good but he's already made such a bad name for himself in his past lives, and he's trying to struggle against that and prove people wrong. But then any little mishap gets blown into a huge thing and the many good things he does get overlooked and ignored. And parts where he comes into contact with an old, wicked version of himself.
Also Loki's lgbt which is also really nice,, definitely got a feminine side, could be considered 'genderfluid' and is bi.

Others: Professor X / Charles Xavier from X-Men
Magneto, Mystique, Wolverine, Storm

Black Widow, Falcon, Bucky, Hawkeye.

I like actual Norse- mythology Thor and Odin much better than the Marvel ones, but Anthony Hopkins as Odin is pretty cool,, love me some Hannibal

Yadda yadda. There are more. I need sleep.


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Oct 21, 2012
I never really grew up with superheroes so I don't really have a favorite. I was into Megaman when I was little, and that's probably the closest I have to liking a recreational fictional character.

Aww yeah, Megaman! Being able to dteal a bosses attack was the coolest thing.


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Mar 17, 2011
All of mine are from the wormverse.

The most compelling and original protagonist I've read about maybe ever? Got 'shitty' power of controlling bugs. The creative way she problem solves to constantly overcome seemingly overwhelming odds had me enthralled. Bonus points for being an excellent narration tool, as she can see through her bug's senses, allowing local pseudo-omniscient narration from the first person.

Ability to swap two things of approximately equivalent weight that he can see. The greater the difference between weights, the longer it takes to switch. Uses this ability to 'port people into pointblank attacks, or to swap people into their own fire. Another 'low tier' power that is really fun to read.

Coil: (Villain)
Has the ability to simultaneously live in two timelines, and is able to collapse one and start anew at will. So if he flips a coin, he can split the timeline, choose heads in one and tails in the other, then keep the timeline where he called correctly and discard the other. Uses this ability to torture information out of you in alternative timelines without you ever knowing, then uses this information to inform future splits. Very difficult to pin down.

Glaistig Uaine: Villain kinda
Absorbs the power of the dead, and can have three active at once. I think the powers are a little doltish and busted, but I find the character compelling. Basically, she's so powerful, everyone's so scared of her, she never needs to really partake in reality, and hasn't since childhood. So she has a fairy theme running where she talks in ye olde speake and proclaims herself queen of the fae, but even the biggest baddest villains have to play along for fear of her shitting all over them.

Don't wanna spoil her abilities etc. because she's supposed to be a bit of a mystery, but she's one of my favourite characters from the entire webserial. Best lawful good character ever.
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