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What to do on a 3 day boat travel/ cruise? (solo)


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Today, 05:49
Jan 28, 2013
Hey, im going on a 3 day (60 hour) boat trip to the Andaman&Nicobar islands in India. It is a government ship and ive taken the bunk class ticket (around 70$). So there will no tv or anything (im hoping there will be a mobile charger slot).

Also this is my first trip to anywhere by sea.

So, what do people do on a ship for that long? How do i make friends with strangers, because this is my real first solo trip anywhere?

Also, is couchsurfing a bad idea? (i will be there for ~4days)

What are some fun activities to do on a boat? Should i try renting some fishing equipment and try fishing or does that not work on a moving ship?
Also any tips on not getting horribly sea sick?

(the guys at the ticket counter said its better to go by air, but i wanted to do something fun, also air costs like 250$ cos this wasnt a planned trip~)


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Today, 08:19
Feb 3, 2012
Sounds fun. Hope you have a good trip.

Anyways, I don't do cruises but I do travel to islands via ships. Here are some tips:

1. Pack seasickness pills just in case. Good weather cruising is fine but it can turn into a rough ride if you get caught in a storm.

2. Don't bother using fishing gear. Takes too much space and the ship might be too tall for you to access the sea anyways.

3. For the love of all things holy don't drink water from the tap. Bring bottled water with you or buy some in the ship's store.


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Today, 01:19
Jun 7, 2017
Hang out in the bar, be drunk the majority of the time. If there is a casino, play blackjack or poker. There's also probably a lot of post-middle-age women playing slots there if you like that kind of thing. A good conversation topic is which slot machines are more likely than others to be profitable.

It's obviously impossible to fish from a cruise ship.
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Yesterday, 13:19
Dec 12, 2009
Take some books and a pack of cards, you know how to play poker?

Don't bother with fishing there's nothing out on the open sea, nothing you're going to catch with a rod and line anyway.


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Yesterday, 19:19
Jun 7, 2008
The wired
The interesting thing about boat trips is you get some time to just do nothing but contemplate the essence of travel. The problem about boat trips is you get some time to just do nothing but contemplate the essence of travel. And the ridiculously small, windowless cabins.

I'd go to the highest deck and read, or alternatively, write. I used to enjoy drawing people too when stuck in a place with little activities to do. You could also try talking to people (gasp), I suppose an obvious topic of conversation would be about their travels; it can be a very fruitful topic and get almost anyone to reply. Then you convince them to buy you drinks.


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Today, 02:19
Apr 29, 2018
couchsurfing is cool if you are a cool person, i mean it really depends but they spect open minded people and by that i mean political correct people, no political talk, no drama and so on, just keep it impersonal, don't talk too much about yourself, talk about geography, talk about cities you've been before, and get beers and so on.
if you cannot stick to these rules, don't think of couchsurfing.
i personally prefer to have a place for myself, if i wanna communicate i can do that in a bar, avoid airbnb, they will always complain about smoking and stupid things like not making the bed, blabla, i almost got sued because i didn't clean my dinner plates on 2 days i was spending on vilnius 2 years ago.
I recommend you hotels, i haven't been in India but it sounds like you should go for something private... if it was europe i wouldn't mind to share room with 3 strangers more, i remember interesting conversations with a girl in warsaw and then this ska-monster type of guy who told me everything about the underground scene in warsaw...
i have met some indian guys who were trying to become pilots and they were crazy and really nice to me, but a bit too touchy, they would gather around me and get really close and touch my legs and arms as if i was some god, also they want selfies and shit. i guess it depends...

now about the cruise... well, i think there are usually activities like playing group games, cards, trivias, even rock climbing and/or pool... so you'll be fine, just don't be afraid to start asking questions like "where are you from?", then just ask questions about what they say to you, people like to answer and tell their stories... just be friendly and you'll be fine.
try to search for expats or language exchange groups, i don't know how it is in India but here in europe they are everywhere so everyone going there is usually open to talk and won't look at you like wtf why r u talking to me.
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