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Visually representation of what Einstein must have felt


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Today, 11:50
Feb 24, 2017

Just stumbled across this and it struck me as a fantastic visual representation of what every INTP dreams of being able to do. That is, having the perfect raw processing ability to comprehend space and the laws of physics so as to project one's self through it via thought.

Thoughts? Opinions?

Personally I found this to be super satisfying/relaxing to ponder/watch (repeatedly). It'll be my new motivation whenever I need to study for science classes. Or just because science is great and I'm getting hyped.


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Today, 06:50
Dec 12, 2009
At the end someone asked him "what are you thinking?"

And he forgot.


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Today, 19:50
Nov 21, 2013
someplace windswept
Visual processing can be trained and requires intuition that comes with expertise in the field of application. If you spend years studying and researching topology you'll start imagining the most basic abstract chunks of metric spaces or shapes because it's familiar territory and your brain will be able to draw them more easily.

Topology and more broadly speaking geometry is quite amazing and often provides very intricate graphical representations of its concepts, however it is a subject studied and understood mainly formally. People who work with geometry don't try to imagine all the various objects they're using every time, just as Einstein didn't have a perfect vision of space-time transformations, he was relying on formal Lorentz transformations and similarly all of the complex geometries or n-dimensions used in maths are mostly written and operated on as lines of equations and definitions not as actual graphical models in imagination.

As an example of improving visual processing, I've been playing a board game of Go for some 2 years now and a go board is a 19 by 19 matrix that stores numbers from 0 to 2 (1 - white, 2 - black). As I progressed I've become able to recall whole games from memory and I also dream about Go games and/or imagine the board and the sequences of moves that I'll play next.

As a final note, visual processing comes easier with higher intelligence, the more processing power you've been genetically gifted with, the more complex shapes you can imagine.


Professional INTP
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Today, 11:50
Dec 25, 2010

Study GR, SR, QM, QCD and you can 'project yourself through space and time' just fine. That's what the equations are for! Half your time in math, physics and engineering is spent in visual models after all. Einstein developed SR by imagining riding a light beam, if we're to believe his folk lore.

Anyhow Kiersey got into this about NT's. INTP's in particular are visual model oriented. This is the O1 (10/20 nomenclature) part of the neocortex (your back (occipital) left). It's the "Visual Engineer". INTP's show strong activity in the region statistically.
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