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The Off-Compasses


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Today 12:58 PM
Dec 12, 2009
I think "Realism" in the context of these videos has nothing to do with idealism or objectivism vs subjectivism, rather I think it's more accurate to say these are the four corners of the ideological political compass taken to their most extreme and these ideological extremists (the irrealists) are opposed to the realist centrists (center of said compass, often depicted as a graph although there's no way to put a truly objective scale to it) in other words the watered down political ideologies as they exist in the real world.

Just for fun, how I would relate to each of these characters:
INGSOC: Stability is good, oversight is good, however being needlessly oppressive is inefficient, as I've expressed before (some time back) I believe I could live happily under a totalitarian regime so long as I'm able to further my own interests and ultimately one can only go so far alone.
Darwinism: Like the Omar from Deus Ex 2 I put less stock in my genetics than my own personal survival and if I die it won't matter whether my genes are passed on or not, the inevitable creation of posthumans will make human genetics obsolete.
Egoism: Of course I'm all about this but the individual is vulnerable and that is unacceptable, I'm willing to trade some freedom for security after all freedom isn't much use to the dead but then again there's no point to living if I'm a slave, other than to escape of course.
Communalism: I enjoy the benefits of civilization which isn't possible without some degree of communalism (Darwinist is an Anarchist) so again as long as I'm benefiting from it personally I support it, but that cuts both ways, if I'm an incredibly hard to kill transhuman then a little anarchy could be to my benefit.

Transhumanist Ego Theocratic Imperialism
This is cool, I get that tying one's ego to something outside oneself is a solution to hedonic treadmill but I neither want to be worshiped nor rely on others for validation, which is not to say I don't appreciate it when I get it, but I'd rather feed my ego by completing goals I set for myself like hunting self-proclaimed transhuman gods.


We're all trying our best. Aren't we?
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Today 5:58 PM
Jun 13, 2019
Only watched the top two because it's a lot of info I don't wanna comb through or dispute, but I have some sort of gist of it.

Any of the hypothetical people presented, I consider them to be insane. I'm sure without the internet they would have to go to great lengths to find other like minded people, though obviously it's very possible.

REALISTICALLY speaking, people hold certain ideologies for specific reasons, like to achieve a certain end or because of a personal experience. Like growing up poor or wanting power. Any reasonable persons ideologies would shift with reality depending on the impressions it leaves on them. IDEALLY our attitudes to ideologies should be fluid, applying principles when they are needed. Who decides that? Who decides who decides that? Can't go wrong with taking information from everybody to get key insights, though a lot of it would be trash and or repeated (trash) but free nonpunishable speech is an absolute must. As well as a maintaining a at least somewhat fair distribution of quality of life, to at least have some sort of consistency on what must be done, otherwise it's like people are living in in different worlds, of course they're going to disagree with each other on how to handle problems.

I mentioned people follow ideologies for specific reasons, and those reasons are mostly tied to them having a better life. But I feel like most extremest wouldn't know what to do in a world where their goals are actually met. An extremist Darwinist, if policies they want to prescribe are enacted, might change their tune when they realize that they are probably not even 1/10 and half the population will end up dominating them and marginalize them. Perhaps not being in the top 10% means sterilization or execution, experimentation. Ironically they probably understand the least amount of evolutionary science. Creating a gateway for an "ultimate life form" in the eyes of lesser lifeforms will create a bias that is likely very debilitating, already we have humans who while intelligent carry many mental and physical illnesses. Suddenly they could pass a point of no return and we fucking die. Again this is assuming they aren't INSANE. Communalist in their perfect world is a contradiction as there are so many people that would get fed up with sharing things, not letting these people have their own rights would be shitting on the very ideals they hold.

In conclusion this is dramatic af. Pray to Mecha Jesus and he will sort out all our problems for us.
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