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The Albums of yer Eyesocketball


You know you want to
Aug 14, 2013
Hello forum, might be a thread like this one but this one is better because you are reading it.

Brain of mine has sought certain... standards of music of late due to a descent into art-induced a-metaphysical auto-erotic asphyxia. Whole albums make good listening when walking the legs or drawing.

Well, share your favourite albums here but take NOTE: Albums that you would listen to through and through, not simply "that one record with that one minute blurb that I like while the rest is eh meh give or take"

So whole album is valid, you would recommend it to others for a-listening.

Starting with a triumvirate:

Subrosa - More constant than the gods

Brainticket - Cottonwood Hill

Comus - First Utterance

(Old computer OS links java thingy not working)
Jan 24, 2013
A hut in the woods
Currently, the albums I have been listening to a lot are:

The Birthday Massacre: Under Your Spell
Linkin Park: One More Light
Matisyahu: Undercurrent
Metallica: Hardwired (great album, but its been a week or two since a give it a full listen)
Nyves: Pressure EP
Almost forgot. Been listening to a lot of Creed lately as well. Listening to both My Own Prison and Human Clay a lot.

Otherwise I am just jumping around a lot just listening to like half albums.


lust for life
Aug 12, 2010
California, USA
Apr 26, 2013
Shallow grave


Demon Alpaca Overlord
Nov 7, 2009
'The inner mounting flame' and 'Birds of fire' by the Mahavishnu Orchestra have remained special to me for a long time.

Reminded of them lately by listening to one of John McLaughlin's other bands, Shakti - 'A handful of beauty' is excellent but not been with me long enough to say if it's a favourite.
Jan 1, 2009
I guess the one album I keep going back to would be Borknagar - Epic

I've also been listening to Aeternam - Ruins of Empires recently, which I find a fun, entertaining album


Proudly A Sheeple Since 2015
Jun 27, 2011
Earth Dimension C-137
I've been listening to Satori by the Flower Travelin' Band a lot lately. @QuickTwist I'm curious to see how you in particular feel about this one.

Probably Frank Zappa's Hot Rats as well. Or maybe even Waka/Jawaka.

Youth Lagoon - The Year of Hibernation

Afrirampo - Suuto Breakor

I can't find the whole album on youtube, but this is a track from it. Pearly Shells, by the Waikikis. One of my favorite records to put on. 10/10 would steal this two dollar record again.

Edit: Ooh, Puffy! I love the mahavishnu orchestra!

Solitaire U.

Last of the V-8 Interceptors
Dec 5, 2010
You cannot see God unless you are Pure
It warmed my heart/chilled my spine to have that album art jump out at me again after all these years.

The demise of physical media is making it difficult for me to think of music in terms of "One Artist/One Album, though I've been listening to The Melvins Houdini a lot lately, because it's the only CD I have in my van atm.

I keep going back to these 3 playlists:
I've played them hundreds of times. Not sure why. Also been listening to tons of big band and swing, Artie Shaw, Glen Miller, Benny Goodman. I've developed a deep appreciation for such music in the last year or so, and...well, I can't play Ufomammut in the store. Gotta have something to listen to.


You know you want to
Aug 14, 2013
Ok in this thread you, the viewer, can dump any oldneo album you like to earfuck.
Please feel free to tell small sentence story as to y album you like it.

Will try to share more as I rediscover/explore:

Linea Aspera - Linea Aspera:
Running blissfully through paradise while slowly being eaten, bit by bit.

Batushka - Litourgiya:
Jumping about on a church pew at dusk with a cat strapped to your head, as God.

Le Butcherettes - Cry is for the flies:
Existing as a surreal ape-sized, inconstant jungle/desert island which floats through the cities of man (in all possible universes) leaving behind mirth and sorrow
Apr 19, 2014
Objects in the mirror might look closer than they
i haven't been into listening to music lately but this is some stuff i could listen from beginning to end

Canserbero - Muerte

hardcore, really depressing, unhealthy Ni rap from venezuela, i would say without a doubt the masterpiece of southamerican rap

Violadores del Verso - Atrás

perhaps the best rap album in spanish language ever? my favourite in any language for sure
intelligent lyrics, great beats, old school vibe

Pantera - Far Beyond Driven

agressive, deep lyrics, tons of religious and self growing content (in his peculiar view)

Pantera - The Great Southern Trendkill

even more agressive and groovier, deep lyrics as well, and more folk

Opeth - Pale Communion

it's like playing the witcher, you are in a forest surrounded by demons and mythological creatures trying to kill u, great drums production, love that hammond

Berri Txarrak - Denbora da poligrafo bakarra

Has three parts, first is more stoner / physcodelic pop at some points sounds like black sabbath, second indie rock, third atypical punk pop +-

Solo Ansamblis


a lithuanian band that i like, i went to one of their concerts and it was cool and depressive and minimalistic dying joice xD
it's like depeche mode but their language sounds cooler, this songs means black black black night
so lithuanian haha
can't find their albums online tho


You know you want to
Aug 14, 2013
dis 1 4 noun:

Lumerians - Transmilinnia


Wings of Africa - de Rikki Ililonga & Musi O Tunya