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Terry Gross: INFJ


Professional INTP
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Today 12:00 PM
Dec 25, 2010
We've suspected Terry Gross as being a INFJ for some time but since little is out about her it was never clear. Mark Maron interviewed her and it couldn't be more obvious now. Some choice quotes

"I go through everything that could go wrong ... there's some really positive value in being negative."

"Do you like to have fun? ... It's probably not what I'm most famous for ... OK I go to movies, go to concerts ..."

"A lot of people want to find out how they tick ... I want to find out how I tick"

"Do I have friends? That's a more complicated question than you might think."

"Do you have friends? I do, but it's more in the abstract".

"We have a lot of stuff ... books, and records and CD's"

"Most women were mothers ... I didn't want that life. I wanted to fall in love with work, and I wanted to fall in love with a person. I'm lucky I've got both"

"I'm really not the adventurous type ... I'm intellectually adventurous, adventurous in my musical taste"

"When you were asking about joy ... I'm not the kind of person who likes parties, or mountain climbing, you know, hiking, or like let's go camping, let's have an adventure ... but I love a good movie, or really great writing, or music, concerts ... that's where I really live, that's where I consider my home."

"I'll tell you, one of my gifts, is also one of my weaknesses, I have a kind of antenna for other people ... "

"I imagine that teaching, for a person with your antenna, must have been difficult ... oh it was horrible"

We're suspecting Mark to be an INFJ also. TBD, but Terry is in the bag.
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