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Suspense thriller movie idea


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Today, 01:21
Jan 2, 2017
A random nameless 30 something INTP deep diver doctor guy has schizophrenia but he does not know it. He was recently fired from being a doctor for misdiagnosing a patient due to his schizophrenia and he still thinks he was right. He boards a very early morning Boeing 777 flight. After take off, the suicidal captain turns off the cabin pressurization while the first officer is in the toilet, adjusts the aircraft's course into the ocean and at a higher altitude starting at the next waypoint, turns off the transponder, radio equipment, strobe and nav lights and after he thinks everyone's asleep, the cabin lighting and in flight entertainment system. everything but the autopilot. the random nameless guy starts hallucinating as everyone else drifts off due to hypoxia, he takes a drink in his hallucination and snaps back into reality with his hand holding an oxygen mask on his face, now he's the only conscious person on the plane and he must figure out what to do next and solve a sequence of problems like seeing in the dark, travelling around the cabin to do stuff, deducing that the plane is dumping fuel, dead reckoning navigation, getting into the locked cockpit, using whatever he can find in the cockpit to figure out what to do such as signalling the fighter jets outside to not shoot them down establishing communications, turning cabin pressurisation back on, stop dumping the fuel, reviving people and the pilot using medical knowledge (fails), flying the plane, realising he has schizophrenia, landing the plane. all while under the influence of mild schizophrenia so he has to use his medical knowledge of schizophrenia to observe what to trust in his surroundings while dealing with the fact that he wasn't right about his diagnosis and has permanently disabled a patient.

This is the kind of script that can be cheaply made without looking cheap since it only requires 1 main actor. Any thoughts?


Hurdurr da aDministruturr.
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Yesterday, 17:21
Apr 3, 2009
I don't think you're very familiar with schizophrenia. :confused:


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Today, 02:21
Dec 18, 2016
It sounds really cool

But i would reccomend doing more research on mental illnesses too.

You could also use this research to include more mental illnesses that are different to make it more interresting. For example someone could have bipolar disorder or some character with apotemnophilia would also be very interesting if you decide to put other characters in


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Today, 10:21
Apr 26, 2013
Shallow grave
Is deep diver doctor guy a real job title?
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