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Some of my drawings


Overthinker in Chief
Local time
Today, 03:14
Mar 16, 2017
Venezuela, Earth, Milky Way Galaxy
Don't be rude (oh, and if the colors are a little pale... blame my camera, not me)

This one was made with black chalk for the sky and black paint for the terrain, the road was made with white pencil color. I like this one because of the horizon effect (idk if can be appreciated or not, uploading it like that anyway).


Yeh, I like owls.

This is intended to be M78 nebulae. Leave to you either I nailed it or not.

Same with this M57.

I've got several more, but those are the ones I got on my wall (I mean, the actual wall of my room), and I ain't make a disaster to find them.
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