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SOCTST "Noah's Wingsuit Training"


I've Overcome Existential Despair
Sep 9, 2012
The helicopter's engines roar while it hovers high above the desert. Daniela flips the autopilot switch to HVR and leans over her seat to look at Noah. His teeth are chattering beneath his helmeted head, and his gloved hands are tightly folded in the lap of his wingsuit. Daniela's Ukranian voice crackles through his headset,

"Good afternoon! Cold is inside, or outside?"

Noah shakily inhales and answers, "B-b-both! The altitude is like ten thousand meters up here!"

Daneial frowns, Oi. He is scared. Must do. "Just remember what say Barry: square, pray, lean, attitude, touchup!". Noah is silent. He very scared. Maybe simpler? and she adds with the smile that Sloan had taught her, "S-P-L-A-T. "

Noah whines, "Daniela, that spells 'splat' which is the sound that squishy things make when they hit the ground!" his voice speeds up, "And relative to the ground, I am exceedingly squishy!"

Daniela gazes at him with one eyebrow raised, Eh... not worth understand. "Just go or Barry angry."

Noah sighs and rises, then walks over the craft's rumbling floor and leans out the port helicopter door: his wingsuit flaps in the howling wind and blasting rotor wash, and he glimpses the sprawling desert floor.

“Noah! Jump!” squawks Daniela, leaning over her pilot seat to glare at Noah, “Wind will pick down!”

Noah blinks, “Pick up. The wind will pick up.”

Daniela shakes her head and sneers, “Alright, take seat. We go back.” Noah turns and smiles, releasing his grip. Then Daniela chuckles and rolls left: Noah’s eyes flash wide when his footing falls away.

“Sink and swim!” Daniela calls while Noah, screaming with eyes tightly shut, tumbles from the craft.

He stares into the abyss of his eyelids while his heart thunders in the dark plummet. Sink or swim, you foul, wretched demon!

Grunting and whining with effort, he wrenches himself around in the blasting wind to force his head down and spread eagle: his suit billows and shoots him forward, wrenching his stomach up and back. Noah slowly opens his eyes to see shrub-dotted desert speed below, silenced by thudding blood. He gulps away the rising pressure with every fathom fallen.

I will pummel her. I will pummel her into the pavement!

Moving by hairs, he raises his left arm and lowers his right: slowly he rightward rolls and glimpses the azure sky. With the opposite movement, the opposite effect, and as his legs rise and fall, so falls and rises his pitch. Noah grins and beholds the vast horizon: two infinite domes spread before him, one tan and hot, one blue and cold. He exhales. The cool, soft felt of goggles and fleece of clothes shift against his skin while the blazing sun warmly flashes across his face, and at last he breathes the dry, bracing air.

Ok, maybe I’ll just yell at her. Even though this is admittedly cool, I’m still mad.

Distant smoke rises in Noah’s view. He banks to zoom toward his landing site, where stand the other four while the helicopter’s blades quietly spin. Arriving, he curls up and pulls the rip cord. ZhuuuuuntTHRWOMPF! He slams into his parachute harness, head and limbs forward flying.

Shaking, his hands find their places on the chute, and he licks his lips and shouts, “Daniela! That was cold! Ice cold! But it was awesome!”

Daniela shouts back, “Always am right!”



Prolific Member
May 9, 2013
They rendevouz at point Delta.

Noah sees Daniela, and she smiles. He jogs faster to meet up.

A shot fired.

They both turn in the direction of the blas-

Daniela slumps to the ground.

Noah's adrenaline already has him overwhelmed; he can't think.

From his point of view it looked like the earth came up to meet Daniela's corpse, and it swallowed her.

Deja vu of a nightmare.



In Noah's unconscious, he was wishing with all that was inside of him that time would turn back, if only for just a moment.
Jun 10, 2012
38S 145E
Come on. Seriously? *kicks Duxwing in the face*

So, I'm supposed to believe that a guy named, 'Noah' would ever jump out of a helicopter in a wingsuit?

Sure. Yeah. Okay.

Maybe if his name was Johnny, Jim, Jack, Paul, James, Eddy, Phil, Jowy or Tinkerbell I'd believe it. There's probably a few more I could think of given the time, but I'll let you use one of these for the time being. It's okay, you don't have to thank me (please stop touching me).
Jun 10, 2012
38S 145E

Sorry, I'll stop derailing this thread now.
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