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Social pressure and discipline


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Today, 22:42
Oct 23, 2011
Too lazy to post a long winded rant, but does anyone feel they would get more things done if they were held accountable via some sort of discipline buddy/buddies?

Perhaps social propagation/growth mentality is a subconscious drive for all people that isn't satisfied when working on ideas in isolation. In fact this seems to be a major problem for INTP's who out of all types would seem to most lack support from people who either disapprove or don't understand their goals.

I'm into the law of attraction/Abraham Hicks, so looking at the issue from this perspective would be interesting to me. The entity Esther channels is actually extremely rational and it is impressive how quickly she is able to point out logical/emotional contradictions in peoples thinking. So lately I've been analyzing bottlenecks both emotional and logical in myself and this idea of social support is one I have arrived at. Fundamentally, it feels better to have proper support than isolated work, at least in some conditions, and in some proper dose. The goals I am referring to are self imposed, and I don't think I am resisting them on a subconscious level because I am not aligned with them. Perhaps these goals are ones that require social support to be completed, and so have this built in activation mechanism? This would appear to be evolutionary valid.

So to conclude...how do we most efficiently capture this valuable productivity tool of social support? What do you feel hinders your productivity the most? What helps it? Any interest in a Skype group?
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