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Sky Islands


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Today, 16:03
Sep 9, 2016
(this universe)
I know this is naive and one can probably tell my age from this but...
I think sky islands could enlarge space for populations (other than space colonization).
The problem is that one would need to somehow keep those islands in space.
Searching for anti-gravity & magnetism yielded little results.

I also had the thought of having the island having less density than air to float up, and then maintain the same density as air. It would need some type of technology that could adjust the density at the slightest change in mass or volume, however. I think this isn't very practical.

I was wondering what other (more) efficient ways there were to build sky islands, and if it would be worth the money/energy.
(Technically though, something like a spaceship may be more practical...)


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Today, 17:03
Jun 7, 2008
The wired
There's plenty of space on the ground for us to continue living.

However, the concept of flying cities was somewhat seriously considered by the great late Buckminster Fuller. As you have deduced, you'd require the island to have less density than the surrounding air. The idea is to create an enormous geodesic sphere with the city proper being inside of it. Since humans and our processes generally produce heat (not to mention the amount of solar gain absorption) the entire thing could be turned into a giant hot air balloon. The problem—of course—is that it would be exorbitantly expensive as all good megastructures, and clearly nobody is willing to venture such a task when there's plenty of perfectly usable land around.

Soviet scientists also floated a similar idea as a way to colonize Venus, since its atmosphere is extremely thick (to the point the surface is crushing) which also makes it possible to easily stay buoyant at high altitude (where its actually somewhat liveable for humans). The atmosphere of Venus is alas quite corrosive so maintenance would be an issue, but nothing the motherland would be stopped by!


You might find this interesting. https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/539jj5/why-we-should-build-cloud-cities-on-venus


Magos Biologis
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Tomorrow, 07:03
Feb 3, 2012
I like Kuu's suggestion on sky islands in other planets such as Venus (probably Jupiter as well).

Anyways, for the near future I think artificial islands would be more feasible.
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