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Reading people - cognitive functions


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Sep 11, 2013
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I was wondering, why both INTPs and INTJ are terrible at reading people emotions. 'Reading people' is more general aspect, that I want to cover here.

Some, but very weak ability to read people's emotions (Fe), slow analysis (Ti) of perceived data, usually too late, after event of meeting a person.
Good ability to recognize underlying motives of people, seeing not what people say or do, but what they think, want (or rather what they may think) [Ne]. Comparing ideas with personal internal experience (Si) and projection it on other people to simulate what they may feel.

Partially ability to imagine, what other may feel (Fi) based on situation in what a person is, usually analyzed by Te, which gathers external events.

Weak ability to notice things in others behavior, expression, action (Se), then slow processing residual data to recognize connections between them to finally discover people intentions and predict next ones.

Probably ENFP. It's because Ne gives instant ideas, which can be used in the moment, instead of too-slow Ni, which can be even better, but need a lot more information and time. ENFP can quickly determine what other person may feel noticing the context and empathize.
Instead of ESFP, who are probably one of the worst at reading people, Ne sees not what is visible (and you never can trust cover), but what is between the lines, the hidden pattern,

From my personal experience, INFPs are the people who could really guess how I felt and it was amazing, I had it like 2 times in my life, but for me these guys did magic reading my mind :O

ENFPs whom I know usually have many adventures, and what is interesting, NOTHING BAD NEVER HAPPEN TO THEM. They hitch-hiking with little money, depending mostly on people who they meet (always finding room to sleep and get a lot of help from random people).

I hope you enjoyed my writing.


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Apr 4, 2010
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I can't read peoples minds but the emotions that pass through me from the outside (Fe) they trigger feelings I have experienced before from other events (Si). I feel the way a person is from everything I felt before and I have an instinctive response from my past actions and the effects they had.
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