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Question from this INTP newbie


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Yesterday, 17:14
Nov 16, 2009
Forgive me if my comment doesn't seem to flow with the others. I just found out that I'm INTP, not borderline but as close to pure INTP as you can get, if that's even possible.

I found out due to being laid off my job of 16 years and attending a Lee Hecht Harrison job transition course. They gave me the extensive versions of the tests. I'm perplexed by the results for a multitude of reasons albeit I agree entirely. I definitely relate strongly with most of your comments and all the famous people that are also thought to belong in the same type. I’ve been reading up on this almost non-stop since I got the results two weeks ago.

I'm a little (exaggerating) disturbed that my bohemian life-styled mother prohibited me from attending college despite my excellent SAT and IQ test scores. OK she didn't handcuff me and I realize I was a big boy and could do whatever I wanted but she's a religious fanatic and thinks the world is ending soon and time is better spent proselytizing to save people's souls. You don’t want to disappoint mom, she would have been floored. I much regret trying to please her now.

As far as personality, I take more after my atheist dad (Jewish by birth) who is the polar opposite of my mom in most attributes, in fact a real Rocket Scientist, but contributed almost no input in my academic direction.

After moving away when I completed High School, I got a job and snuck into a vocational college anyway and devoured the education. The problem is that I wanted to do so in a way that my mom would not find out, meaning no degree. Now I have 50 plus quasi useful credits with various colleges and universities but no degree. Learning was just a vice to me, didn’t see the need for a degree but deep inside I wanted more.

Now I’ve been broadsided with the realization and validation that I do have potential and I don't have to please my mom. I always thought I was just weird and aloof, I should have listened to my colleagues who always said I was smart and should get a PhD. As a true INTP, my mind was always away trying to create a different and better data compression method or contemplating more efficient energy turbines. Not typical of essentially a High School grad heh?

Now the problem, I'm almost 40 and I am hungry to pursue this potential all the way. Still have the energy and focus but bad credit (fell behind on my vocational college loans) and no job, at least not as of the end of this month. I've also got a roadblock with alcohol and substance abuse, something not uncommon for INTP's, but I'm confident that when the positives outweigh the negatives I'll jump that ship. I’ve never told anyone about this so please keep it between you guys and me, ok?

Was hoping someone else can give me some advice on how to make up for lost time and finally contribute something meaningful in this world other than saving souls from an evil, though non-existent, devil. My strengths and interests are probably similar to yours with the especial inclusion of linguistics. Also have a strong acumen in Computer Forensics. I speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Mandarin Chinese. Anyone want to invest in me? Anyone had a similar experience? Please share your decisions that lead to a Disney ending. I’m so excited to know that I may have found a place where I feel like I belong, this will be a first for me. So glad I lost my job!

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