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Jan 24, 2012

Some people here might be familiar with the character Q from the Street Fighter series, it turns out that he is based off a kind of cultural stereotype or meme, the actually generic and infamous "robot detective". Sometimes they're good and I think sometimes they're bad.

This character gained cult status because of his mysterious nature. No one even knows why he's there and his inclusion is somewhat random. He wasn't in the first two SFIII games but he was one of four new characters in the third. He was a secret boss in arcade mode but the thing is that the A.I was easy to beat even though the player has to go out of his or her way to fight him.

He's one of the worst characters in the game due to his rigidity. But never mind that, some of his victory and intro animations suggest conflicted feelings. First, no one knows if he's an actual robot or a man with a mask (some official art depicts visible blonde hair out the back of his mask but that isn't seen anywhere else in the lore). Even though he looks cool he doesn't have any secret weapons or gadgets - all his moves are generic punches and kicks (save for one super move involving self-destruction via remote detonated bomb).

Getting back to his animations, they involve causing physical pain to others or expressing interest in causing pain but doing nothing and walking away. In the lore he shows up at murder scenes all over the world, unsure if he was involved in any way whatsoever. It is implied he walks around and randomly gets into conflict with someone, hence perhaps why in the game he is a character, eventually running into Ryu, Ken; etc and apparently fighting them (they might more be trying to defend his/herself).

In short, no one seems to know how he will behave. He appears poor at expressing himself and wants to take on a neutral role but is shunned by society. As such, he just walks around and may randomly snap at an opponent (inferior Fe). He doesn't communicate much and mostly just observes (Ti-Fe).

An alternative would be INFP.
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