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Profile Covers


A Master From Germany
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Today, 11:33
Jul 8, 2007
Where The Snakes Are
Note there are now things called Profile Covers, enabled for all users. Strip images you choose from your own computer go above your profile page if you wish.

Go to your Profile, where the profile posts are, and under 'When Joined' there is a clickable Profile Cover, next to Find.



I am considering further removing a few User Groups. Following an unsatisfying exchange in XenForo's suggestions, where whilst suggesting an option to suspend or disable unneeded groups instead of loading them ( the answer was not to have any people in that group, which certainly missed the point ), I referred to the labyrinthine permissions system, which gave offence, since the the devs ( the same ones who built vBulletin, remember ) it is certainly not complex at all.

I'll just mention there are:

User Group Permissions

User Permissions

Node Permissions

Analyze Permissions

And these are multiplied by the number of user groups --- each page having about 60 - 70 options to check.

And by truly monumental imbecility, each category has a rolled-up category of moderator permissions applicable only to that category; very easy for some people never to even see it's there.

As in: [ for each user group, remember ],

General Permissions
General Moderator Permissions hidden
Forum Permissions
General Forum Permissions hidden ad infinitum...

I'll just say, seems over-complicated to me.
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