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Presence of extra terrestrial life on planet Earth.

Ivan Tomic

Local time
Today, 13:45
Oct 27, 2018
I'll make this as direct as possible. For some reference, I'm a junior in high school but pretty engrained with this concept of mbti types. Anyway, I'd like to share a theory of mine about the existence of aliens. I figure that there are two options. 1, we are one of the most advanced species beyong the obervable universe, and other galactic inhabitants are developing at maximum rate of slightly better than our own. However the more believable version of this theory is also more practical. Is it entirely possible for extra terrestrial beings to have full knowledge and surveillance of our kind. Would it be ignorant to say that these beings have been so advanced for so long that our existence is at their decision with the click of the button. To them, we are like squirrels in a tree perfect for lighting a fire. Their superstate of existence may give us a false reality thousands of years before we could understand their concepts. My point is that maybe they've been watching us, learning about is, protecting us for the past hundreds of thousands of years. We simply don't know where to look. Don't know how to look. It's saddenes me sometimes to know that there will always be something completely unfamiliar to me that i will never have the chance of understanding.

Artsu Tharaz

Resident Resident
Local time
Tomorrow, 03:45
Dec 12, 2010
Yeah, that's one theory. We can probably get in contact with them if so.


Local time
Today, 19:45
Oct 7, 2018
i'm pretty sure we are being monitored by 5-dimensional entities all the time.
but those ones technically wouldn't be aliens.
we are capable of monitoring other realities in a 4-dimensional fashion currently, perhaps you've had an alien experience that was written off as a dream.
we've certainly been visited, it is documented as being undocumented during eisenhower's time, allegedly we were offered technology, reasons for not taking the offer is that simulations showed a catastrophic societal collapse if we did (our own tech was used to run the simulation), and the offered tech was so contra to our own ideas that it would have allegedly demoralised the sciences generationally and there would be no progress to be had today, a problem in it's own i suppose, going by videogames and observations developers have made of players "needing" to have progression loops i would posit that it's true.

there's also credo mutwa and his elucidations, he puts everything together rather neatly in terms of reptillian's, grey's and the first visitors...but it wouldn't be science enough for current gen, though it remains to be seen what avenues of observation sam and jordan will open up, relevance here is what do people regard as "true."
whistleblowers for instance, true or nah?
deathbed confessions, true or nah?
personal observations on an extra-dimensional level, true or nah?


Think.. Be... ..buzz buzz :)
Local time
Tomorrow, 02:45
Dec 7, 2014
@ OP Do you think death is a common denominator for these higher entity people? Where there's death, they're no better than us.
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