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Post your helpful sysadmin/fun/utility scripts here.


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Apr 19, 2016
So, yes, I have been out for a long time. Almost forgot this place for a while. Been dabbling with perl and bash for a while. For linux users, I just made a very simple script that can copy/move files using regex (perl supported regex) and moreover filter out outputs of system calls by regex (piping is supported too). It works as expected and I am willing to learn more from sysadmins out here. I feel more comfortable asking for help on this forum than outside (however daft it sounds).

writing hugeass one-liners to solve programs on terminal is fun at first but using xargs and slew of (grep,sed,awk) gets frustrating when it has to be written all the time. I will try to post more scripts if I get time to make some new ones.
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