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phineas and ferb


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Today, 00:55
Sep 14, 2011
hiding in the darkness watching you
ferb for IxTx?

phineas for ENFx?

ferb: INTP
n beacuse he always seem to just know and p because well hes always flexible he always has what phineas needs oh and he doesn't speak much seems quiet and comtemplative and occassionally says something really deep

phineas: ENTP
he invents things on a whim remember entps can be highly social creatures, and just somehow winds up in the spotlight that and he can talk himself out of anything plus he never started any long term project just an endless stream of spur of the moment idea from ne context
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Feb 4, 2015
Actually, I am interested in this very much. I have my reasons. Phineas is possibly INTJ. I'm not sure, but it is very relavent to the type of a person I know.

Candice and Phineas a benificiary relation? With Candice being the giver? Obviously Phineas is the leader in this situation, so we'd look for Gamma-Delta relations with Ferb. Hrrm. Phineas is INTJ, and Ferb is ISTJ. Yeah, not going into it anymore.
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