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No More Flags or Ribbons


A Master From Germany
Local time
Today, 21:23
Jul 8, 2007
Where The Snakes Are
Due to Google including free translation amongst the host of APIs and other services they are withdrawing, the VBET translation module has been disabled --- unless and until another such free service is provided.

On the one hand, although fairly monoglottal myself, I understand the translations were not ideal; on the other all must regret the loss of the little regatta of flags now gone, baby, gone.

I only discovered the deprecation by Google whilst coincidentally seeking the best way of including a Quick Response tag above the flags. Perhaps staring at this will console our lurkers for a time.



I do try very hard not to jeer at American sentimentality, truly I do --- since we are all God's Chillun --- but, dang, they make this hard...

Non-Rock (No drums)- Easy Listening- Christian & Social Music- Hear it with your heart.

The report came over the TV networks. The stores in the small town of Palestine, West Virginia, the hometown of Pvt. First Class Jessica Lynch, had no more flags and ribbons. Like in so many other American stores, they were all sold out. With millions of flags and ribbons, we the people are showing our heartfelt support for the men and women who are defending the freedoms that we enjoy.

No More Flags or Ribbons is Rick & Gwen’s musical prayer on behalf of our brave troops.

Bring on the drones...
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