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Today, 13:17
Jul 26, 2017
hi all,

recently joined the INTP forum, and looking forward to it.

i was unsure whether i was INTP or another INTX, but after having done other tests via this site, its coming out clear INTP.

i have done myer briggs years ago, but i now understand myself better, and this makes sense. also now reading 2 books on intp, proves it.

its been really helpful realising this is my type, rather than fighting against it. also useful to explain some of my inner angst over direction and purpose and lack of interest and drive in traditional career.

i definitely feel i have followed the extrovert ideal, and its confused me for a long time - example, clubbing when i was younger, i did not like it, i used to stand back and watch people dance and think "what the hell are you doing"....i used to go just to be with a few close friends....

anyway, this is a hello, will post questions in the other pages

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