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Moments of Beauty


a scream in a vortex
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Today, 09:40
Aug 16, 2011
Post some beautiful videos, perhaps preferably of the kind that hits your intuitive bone.

Music videos or short movies or similar.

In my view aesthetics is a line of intelligence, wherein senses and process come together to display animated depth and the degree of intelligence is the degree of functional integration of both aspects. And in my understanding Intuition is essentially comprehension of process. And sensation is comprehension of reliable qualities like boundaries and their quality.

A still picture can evoke an aesthetic feeling through association but it takes a video to evoke a more direct experience of it. No need to be overly restrictive about what fits into the thread though.

The Moment of Beauty on Vimeo

Wanderers - a short film by Erik Wernquist on Vimeo
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