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MBTI Types as Villains


Devil's Advocate
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Yesterday, 19:51
Aug 2, 2016
Somewhere in the Milky Way
An idea for a thread I've had in my head for awhile. Anyways, what I mean by the title is what type of villain would a given MBTI type be, or how would an MBTI type act if they were to be a movie/comic/tv show villain? Here, I'll start off with my own type: The INTP;
  • A "Mad Scientist"-type villain
  • Motivations include: Curiosity, Own personal goals clash with society's moral compass
  • Lots of gizmos and gadgets
  • Who needs servants/minions when you could have an army of robots?
  • Seriously, robots are awesome. You don't have to feed them and they'll do what you say.
  • Don't like doing things by themselves, usually uses a robot or some kind of equipment.
  • Hurting others or forcing their own moral compass isn't really a goal, it just happens to be a side effect of their end goal.
If you have any more ideas, I'd love to hear 'em! I don't really know enough about other types to make a full list, haha. If you have any other ideas for an INTP villain that's cool too.


Magos Biologis
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Today, 07:51
Feb 3, 2012
I think Victor Frankenstein is a good example of an INTP villain IMO. Basically, science and progress without restraint.

I do agree with various writers online when they say that it's kinda hard to make an INTP villain cause we're too lazy to be evil anyway. I guess to make a convincing one would entail making him a more complex character (which would be quite a chore IMO).


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Yesterday, 12:51
Dec 12, 2009
INTP villains tend to get themselves into trouble, rather that going out robbing banks they've got a henchman bringing them test subjects or they were testing their killer robot and someone's come investigating. The type also fits the evil wizard trope well, rather than leaving their tower to cause trouble the trouble they cause is just a side effect of what they're doing in their tower.

As for an ENTP villain:

Samuel Hayden: INTP

Ultron: ENTP
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