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MBTI out of vogue?

Beat Mango

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Today, 16:38
Mar 25, 2009
I was reading a psych textbook today on personality, and to my surprise, there was little mention of Myer Briggs typology. All it said about it was, "until recently, MBTI has been very widely used...". Until recently? Has MBTI gone out of vogue?? This particular book used the Big Five as a reference much more often. Eg, the section on neuroscience studied the relationship between molecular biology and the Big Five traits, rather than the Myer Briggs.


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Today, 04:08
Aug 12, 2009
Lost in my thoughts
I was surprised about that too, actually. When I first found this forum, I wanted to see what my first level university psychology text said about the MBTI - but it wasn't even mentioned; I think they tend to stick with the more 'empirical' tests (i.e. Big Five, MMPI-2, etc.) as opposed to the Jungian ones (although oddly enough, they taught the Freudian psychoanalytic perspective of personality, but didn't even mention Jung).

However, I went to a personality seminar given by a professor at my university (meant for people working in the work force - i.e. my parents - but I figured it would be about the MBTI, so I convinced them to let me come along too :D) and one of the main focuses was on the MBTI. I talked with the professor afterwards, and she told me that the MBTI isn't used so much in a research context (which would explain its absence in an introductory course) as opposed to a social psychology context. Apparently, there's a course which focuses on the MBTI for about half the term (which I want to take...and slack off in, of course). I don't think it's "going out of vogue" - moreso that it's used for a different purpose/isn't falsifiable (and so isn't as readily accepted or taught - but it is used often...apparently).
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