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Marc Andreessen: INTP


Professional INTP
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Today 11:45 AM
Dec 25, 2010
I think we can call this one for sure, warning, long article but well worth the time


Before you say it, yes he has an egg-head as mentioned in the article.

I think the article amply shows something I've discovered, is that INTP's shouldn't leave working in the trenches. You can see that he still pines for the days when he was an engineer. As I've covered elsewhere, I took a 'technical manager' position for a few years and it was a disaster. It took some years to reset myself back as and engineer, and I'll never do that again.
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Today 6:45 PM
Nov 28, 2014
Hmmm interesting you feel that way.

I recently came out of a year of unemployment. Sure enough like most things I get a low paying contract job and within a month get two offers around the same time. One was to be a Product Marketing Manager. The other was to be a Research Engineer in an area I am very technically sound. Regardless, I turned down the Manager position and the higher pay to stay with being a Research Engineer. There were other factors that came to mind like relocation. But I really like working with a product and felt in a Manger role I would get bogged down with administrative things.
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