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Mac Pro replacement


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Dec 25, 2010
So Apple should be announcing a Mac Pro replacement at WWDC next week.

I think this is canonical

It will be heavily reliant on Thunderbolt
There will be no internal expandability
It will have support for dual GPUs with three-monitor support right out of the box
No [Firewire 800] or optical drive
It will be released in the fall
It will be a completely new design
This underlined line will determine the future of my (copious) computer purchases. My guess is that it will support RAM upgrades (with inadequate slots, namely 2-4), drive upgrades (only 1-2 slots), and nothing else. If it does that, with an external thunderbolt PCI cage which supports graphics cards, then I'll accept it. I think the underlined part is really referring to the ditching of PCI slots in favor of TB. The dual GPU's refer to on the board chips.

I'm OK with innovation if it goes this way. Pushing the PCI cards into a TB cage means you can turn off noisy and power hungry GPU's when not needed (not gaming).
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