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Lenin INTP

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Sep 11, 2013
[Lenin] was an able suppressor of outward emotion. He acted calmly even after the trauma he suffered when his elder brother Alexander was hanged; and later he was to find steady satisfaction in his work alongside his wife...There was always the possibility of an explosion:Lenin was a human time-bomb. His intellectual influences thrust him towards Revolution and his inner rage made this impulse frentic. Lenin had a greater passion for destruction than love for the proletariat. His personality is closely linked to the kind of politician he became. His angry outbursts were legendary throughout the party before 1917; shortly before he died they became so acute that serious questions arose about his mental equilibrium, even his sanity. But usually he took a grip on himself and channelled his anger into a controlled form of agression. He was a political warrior.
So much unhealthy Ti and low Fe.

Lenin was intolerant of opposition and often dismissed outright opinions that differed from his own He could be "venomous in his critique of others", exhibiting a propensity for mockery, ridicule, and ad hominem attacks on those who disagreed with him.[481] He ignored facts that did not suit his argument,[482] abhorred compromise,[483] and very rarely admitted his own errors.[484] He refused to change his opinions, until he rejected them completely, after which he would treat the new view as if it was just as unchangeable.
I noticed that every INTP dislike being criticized. INTP will change his mind only if he consider it independently.
here is unhealthy Ti from enneagram 5w4 type (it's obvious INTP in enneagram)
Become provocative and abrasive, with intentionally extreme and radical views. Cynical and argumentative.

Become reclusive and isolated from reality, eccentric and nihilistic. Highly unstable and fearful of aggressions: they reject and repulse others and all social attachments.
Going next
Concerned with physical fitness, he exercised regularly,[491] enjoyed cycling, swimming, and hunting,[492] and also developed a passion for mountain walking in the Swiss peaks
I know INTPs in general care about their health, but will take only simple actions towards it.

Tending to eschew luxury, he lived a spartan lifestyle,[496] and Pipes noted that Lenin was "exceedingly modest in his personal wants", leading "an austere, almost ascetic, style of life"
INTPs have simple needs, as had Lenin; this is major reason why he was not ISTP imo

The Lenin who seemed externally so gentle and good-natured, who enjoyed a laugh, who loved animals and was prone to sentimental reminiscences, was transformed when class or political questions arose. He at once became savagely sharp, uncompromising, remorseless and vengeful. Even in such a state he was capable of black humour.
so, why not INTJ? - they appear much more calm, they don't have these outward emotional outbursts, also they are more open minded because of their perceiving leading function
why not INFJ - they don't hold their emotions as Lenin did, they hate every physical activity more than any other type, they are not so much isolated

any other option seems ridiculous, what do you think?
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Apr 4, 2010
I do not know anything about Lenin but I do know some facts about Russian Science. A leading scientist of the Soviet Union believed in lamarckianism as opposed to Darwinism. He forced farmers to plant seed really close together so they would cooperate (work together) and produce lots of grain. What happened instead was all the seeds withered and suffocated from lack of nutrients as the seeds competed for sustenance. This meant many Russians starved to death as did many Chinese when Mao scientist implemented lamarckianism.

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Nov 20, 2013
Pluto, solar system
My guess would be Ti heavy ESTP.

[Se basically means that you are leader in the shadows commanding while EJs are in front. Not to be confused with Ni strategy either while Ne's are generating new ideas.]
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Sep 2, 2009
Yeah, he might have been an immature/warped INTP.
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