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Local time
Today 12:39 PM
Apr 30, 2008
Purgatory with the cool kids
[06:51] * FacetiousPersona has joined #risque
[06:52] <FacetiousPersona> Meh
[06:52] <QueenSaffy> Hi Face
[06:52] <FacetiousPersona> Hi
[06:52] <FacetiousPersona> Howr'e you?
[06:52] <QueenSaffy> How've you been?
[06:52] <FacetiousPersona> Not good.
[06:52] <QueenSaffy> I'm fine thanks
[06:52] <QueenSaffy> Why?
[06:52] <FacetiousPersona> I've become adicted to all kinds of drugs and alcohol
[06:52] <QueenSaffy> Well, that's not a good move
[06:52] <FacetiousPersona> Nope.
[06:52] <FacetiousPersona> I feel lonely too!
[06:52] <FacetiousPersona> Everyone in my family abnadoned me
[06:52] <QueenSaffy> Why not go into rehab or something?
[06:53] <FacetiousPersona> Lol
[06:53] <FacetiousPersona> I might.
[06:53] <QueenSaffy> Detox, then find someone
[06:53] <FacetiousPersona> I've only been taking weed, mushrooms and cocaine
[06:53] <QueenSaffy> Mybe your family abandoned you 'cos of the drugs and so on
[06:53] <QueenSaffy> Well, that's not exactly an only =P
[06:53] <FacetiousPersona> No? I was innocent until I was put into a hostel by the council > : o
[06:53] <FacetiousPersona> Because my fmaily knew they didn't have to care for me any loner
[06:53] <FacetiousPersona> Legal responsibility = 16
[06:53] <QueenSaffy> How'd you end up in council housing?
[06:53] <FacetiousPersona> I'm 17
[06:53] <QueenSaffy> =/
[06:54] <QueenSaffy> Not so fun then
[06:54] <FacetiousPersona> My mother refused to have me
[06:54] <QueenSaffy> Can't you get a job?
[06:54] <FacetiousPersona> My father did DNA testing with me nad learnt he's not my biological son
[06:54] <FacetiousPersona> So, he forfeited legal responsibility
[06:54] <QueenSaffy> umm
[06:54] <FacetiousPersona> Yeah, but my rent goes up if I have a job
[06:54] <FacetiousPersona> I'd be paying more than I can afford for rent
[06:54] <FacetiousPersona> so, not job.
[06:54] <QueenSaffy> I think it's a good thing your dad isn't your biological son =P
[06:54] <FacetiousPersona> Education? I'm too lazy. I plan to try, though
[06:54] <FacetiousPersona> i'm going to uni to study philosophy or psychology
[06:54] <QueenSaffy> You not being his biological son on the other hand.. =P
[06:54] <FacetiousPersona> I MEan
[06:54] <FacetiousPersona> biologicla dad
[06:54] <FacetiousPersona> I'm drunk
[06:55] <QueenSaffy> I guessed, don't worry
[06:55] <QueenSaffy> and maybe once you've been to uni
[06:55] <QueenSaffy> you can get a job that pays more?
[06:55] <FacetiousPersona> Obviously.
[06:55] <FacetiousPersona> I don't know if I can commit to uni, though
[06:56] <FacetiousPersona> I mean, I went to college and received all A's, but I was bored as hell
[06:56] <FacetiousPersona> I want to escape reality, tbh
[06:56] <QueenSaffy> Drugs isn't the way =P
[06:56] <FacetiousPersona> I took psychedelics with the hope that I'd enter a new reality which is comforting
[06:56] <QueenSaffy> They just get you tangled up in more reality
[06:56] <FacetiousPersona> All I received were insights regarding the presnet, tangible reality
[06:56] <QueenSaffy> =/ not so good then?
[06:56] <FacetiousPersona> Hmmm
[06:57] <FacetiousPersona> I felt intelligent and spiritual, but they were not very beneficial
[06:58] <QueenSaffy> Poor Face then
[06:58] <FacetiousPersona> Meh. You don't even know whati t's like to have everyone reject you. Not care about what you feel.
[06:58] <FacetiousPersona> Well, maybe you do, but it's unlikely
[06:59] <QueenSaffy> Well, I hate to be harsh here but
[06:59] * Vernal has joined #risque
[06:59] <QueenSaffy> Are you sure you didn't bring it on yourself?
[06:59] <QueenSaffy> You did kinda screw with the forum, and if you do that in real life
[06:59] <FacetiousPersona> Through laziness? Probably, but I think no one deserves this as a punishment.
[06:59] <QueenSaffy> people are going to reject you
[06:59] <QueenSaffy> Hey Val
[06:59] <FacetiousPersona> No
[06:59] <FacetiousPersona> I'm the opposite IRL
[06:59] <FacetiousPersona> I'm very nice and gentle to everyone
[06:59] <FacetiousPersona> People regard me as very friendly
[06:59] <FacetiousPersona> I also have many friends
[07:00] <QueenSaffy> So why aren't you like that online too?
[07:00] <FacetiousPersona> People never have trouble with me
[07:00] <FacetiousPersona> Well
[07:00] <FacetiousPersona> I wanted to experiment
[07:00] <FacetiousPersona> I might be friendly, etc, but I'm also rational
[07:00] <FacetiousPersona> I can operate without the enforcement of these emotions
[07:00] <FacetiousPersona> I disregard the need for this firnedly attitude
[07:00] <QueenSaffy> So you pretty much trolled the forum? as a disregard for being friendly?
[07:00] <FacetiousPersona> It's intriguing to observe the outcomes of introduced conditions for circumstnaces
[07:00] <FacetiousPersona> Hm
[07:00] <FacetiousPersona> I did wrong, I admit
[07:01] <FacetiousPersona> I was in much pain at the time
[07:01] <FacetiousPersona> I criticized people a lot through cyncisim
[07:01] <FacetiousPersona> I mean, I had a relationship for three years and I lost it, so I pretty much took it out on others
[07:01] <QueenSaffy> Ouch.. poor you
[07:01] <FacetiousPersona> I then lost my best friend
[07:01] <FacetiousPersona> and other crap
[07:01] <FacetiousPersona> so
[07:01] <FacetiousPersona> I was REALLY pissed
[07:01] <FacetiousPersona> and I become a pessimistic bastard when pissed
[07:02] <FacetiousPersona> but i tihnk anyone can with the appropriate variables present
[07:02] <FacetiousPersona> I also became sick of the emptiness of life
[07:02] <QueenSaffy> =/
[07:02] <FacetiousPersona> I was thought to be a covert schizoid. I only /pretend/ to be close and emotionally present, according to a psychiatrit
[07:02] <FacetiousPersona> How is this nice?! : P
[07:02] <QueenSaffy> If that happened to me, I'd just hide in a corner..
[07:02] <FacetiousPersona> I'm also very drunk, but I'm scared of becoming sober again
[07:03] <FacetiousPersona> I don't like reality.
[07:03] <FacetiousPersona> At all.
[07:03] <FacetiousPersona> It's classic escapism
[07:03] <FacetiousPersona> I acknowledge that I'm running
[07:03] <QueenSaffy> Too bad it's something you have to face eventually... =/
[07:03] <FacetiousPersona> It's easy to concede this when such evident symptoms are preset
[07:03] <FacetiousPersona> People think I'm bad.
[07:03] <FacetiousPersona> Evil or whatever.
[07:03] <FacetiousPersona> People just define it like that
[07:03] <FacetiousPersona> No consideration of the reasons
[07:03] <FacetiousPersona> It seeems superficial
[07:03] <QueenSaffy> Hard to define evil/bad really..
[07:03] <QueenSaffy> matters on perspective
[07:03] <FacetiousPersona> They don't understand that evil can emerge within anyone...
[07:04] <FacetiousPersona> Of course
[07:04] <FacetiousPersona> Bombing a market, acceptable to certain philosophies
[07:04] <QueenSaffy> Everyone's evil within the right circumstances
[07:04] <FacetiousPersona> Long-term benefit
[07:04] <FacetiousPersona> However, I'm considering the consensus for these values
[07:04] <FacetiousPersona> The norm for perceptions.
[07:04] <QueenSaffy> mm-kays
[07:05] <QueenSaffy> I think the main problem was that you weren't honest though
[07:05] * CryssWinters has joined #risque
[07:05] <QueenSaffy> You'd say one thing one day, and another the next.
[07:05] <QueenSaffy> Hey Chris
[07:05] <CryssWinters> Face!
[07:05] <FacetiousPersona> I was uncerrtain
[07:05] <FacetiousPersona> Who the fuck are you?
[07:05] <CryssWinters> Nobody. Who are you?
[07:05] <QueenSaffy> About your gender, about your type, about almost everything you said?
[07:05] <FacetiousPersona> I don't care about you
[07:06] <FacetiousPersona> What type and gender do you think I am?
[07:06] <CryssWinters> I didn't think you would.
[07:06] <QueenSaffy> If I say what I think you are, will you tell me the real answer?
[07:07] <FacetiousPersona> Yes
[07:07] <FacetiousPersona> I don't really care about anything any more
[07:07] <FacetiousPersona> Everything feels fake. Shallow.
[07:07] <QueenSaffy> Well, I'm guessing male and ENTP
[07:07] <FacetiousPersona> All I want is to feel an emotion.
[07:07] <FacetiousPersona> Right. Right.
[07:07] <CryssWinters> I fear you're in the wrong place, then.
[07:07] <FacetiousPersona> Low E. High N. High T. High P.
[07:07] <QueenSaffy> I was right?
[07:07] <QueenSaffy> huh
[07:08] <QueenSaffy> Cool =)
[07:08] * QueenSaffy is possibly getting better at guessing types then
[07:08] <FacetiousPersona> Most people think I'm either INTP or ENTP.
[07:08] <FacetiousPersona> *Shrugs*
[07:08] <FacetiousPersona> If I act cold and analytical, they typically assume INTP
[07:09] <QueenSaffy> ENTPs are meant to have higher Fe though, I think
[07:09] <QueenSaffy> so the absence of that colours their impressions
[07:09] <CryssWinters> Ne Ti Fe Si
[07:09] <QueenSaffy> I was thinking ENTP that is a bit battered emotionally so it suppressing it
[07:10] <FacetiousPersona> ENTP are the most playful type I know
[07:10] <FacetiousPersona> They'll throw a string and lead you into their own realm
[07:10] <CryssWinters> I know a playful ENFP
[07:10] <FacetiousPersona> Both dominant Ne. Understandable.
[07:10] <FacetiousPersona> It's intellectual curiosity, essential.
[07:10] <FacetiousPersona> They wish to experience EVERYTHING on all levels.
[07:10] <FacetiousPersona> Frankly, I'm very apathetic
[07:11] <FacetiousPersona> I'm 17 and I'm now taking anything
[07:11] <QueenSaffy> you're refering to them from an outsiders perspective =P
[07:11] <FacetiousPersona> Before, I was innocent.
[07:11] <FacetiousPersona> Hmm
[07:11] <FacetiousPersona> I've never determined my type
[07:11] <CryssWinters> You feel you were innocent?
[07:11] <FacetiousPersona> I don't classify myself as a specific type
[07:11] <QueenSaffy> But what is your best fit type?
[07:11] <FacetiousPersona> Logically, no, but I would like to believe I was.
[07:11] <CryssWinters> Hmm.
[07:11] <FacetiousPersona> I don't know.
[07:11] <FacetiousPersona> I use Ti to deconstruct people's personas to successfully criticize them
[07:11] <FacetiousPersona> Analysis required
[07:12] <CryssWinters> Deconstruct me, please.
[07:12] <FacetiousPersona> I use Te and Ni when leading orgnaizations (I've led various clans & projects#).
[07:12] <QueenSaffy> clans?
[07:12] <FacetiousPersona> Si or Ti when arguing sometimes (easy to indciate a contradiction to cease attacks).
[07:12] <QueenSaffy> humm
[07:12] <FacetiousPersona> Groups of people who game together or do another activity
[07:12] <FacetiousPersona> I don't know.
[07:12] <QueenSaffy> so the function is dependant on the situation
[07:13] <FacetiousPersona> yes
[07:13] <QueenSaffy> and okaies, I was just thinking of clans like the old fashioned term
[07:13] * Blecki has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[07:13] <FacetiousPersona> I love to fuck with people
[07:13] <FacetiousPersona> Twist their perceptipns
[07:13] <QueenSaffy> Why?
[07:13] <FacetiousPersona> Manipulate their opinions
[07:13] <CryssWinters> I see that.
[07:13] <FacetiousPersona> I don't know.
[07:13] <QueenSaffy> So you can rip them apart?
[07:13] <FacetiousPersona> Yes.
[07:13] <QueenSaffy> Or curiosity?
[07:13] <FacetiousPersona> Curiosity.
[07:13] <FacetiousPersona> I like to see them fall.
[07:13] <FacetiousPersona> How they fall.
[07:13] <QueenSaffy> What makes them tick
[07:13] <FacetiousPersona> It's incredible to see someone gradually breaking down.
[07:14] <FacetiousPersona> For example, I decided to seduce a girl a few days ago
[07:14] <FacetiousPersona> I was successful
[07:14] <QueenSaffy> And then broke her heart?
[07:14] <FacetiousPersona> It was amusing when I abruptly ceased all advancements
[07:14] <FacetiousPersona> No
[07:14] <FacetiousPersona> I just refused to have sex with her
[07:14] <QueenSaffy> =/
[07:14] <FacetiousPersona> i simply treated it as a game instead of an emotional occurrence
[07:14] <QueenSaffy> It kinda would if you did that I think
[07:15] <FacetiousPersona> meh
[07:15] <QueenSaffy> Do you do that a lot to people in real life though?
[07:15] <FacetiousPersona> I don't want one night stands
[07:15] <QueenSaffy> What /do/ you want then?
[07:15] <FacetiousPersona> I'm mostly kind to people
[07:15] <FacetiousPersona> I give a lot
[07:15] <FacetiousPersona> Everyone trusts me
[07:15] <FacetiousPersona> I conceal any negative traits for the benefits that a nice facade provides
[07:16] <QueenSaffy> hummm
[07:16] <FacetiousPersona> i also try to remain neutral
[07:16] <FacetiousPersona> For example, three people I know were toturing a guy
[07:16] <FacetiousPersona> I stood nearby, observing, and smoked weed.
[07:16] <FacetiousPersona> They were strangling him until he choked constantly
[07:16] <CryssWinters> Nice.
[07:16] <FacetiousPersona> Like waterboarding
[07:16] <QueenSaffy> Why were they torturing him?
[07:16] <CryssWinters> Did the fellow die?
[07:17] <FacetiousPersona> He begged for my help, but I Coldly said: "I'm neutral, thus I shall not assist you. Neither of the sides matter to me."
[07:17] <FacetiousPersona> Do I care? No. I was amused at his suffering
[07:17] <FacetiousPersona> He deserved it for raping a girl, tbh.
[07:17] <FacetiousPersona> Personal justice, I say.
[07:17] <FacetiousPersona> No. -_- I'd be in a cell if he died probably
[07:17] <FacetiousPersona> He was told he'd be killed if he told anyone about the incident, though.
[07:17] <QueenSaffy> [00:15:11] <QueenSaffy> What /do/ you want then?
[07:17] <FacetiousPersona> Hmm
[07:18] <FacetiousPersona> I want to feel! I WANT TO LIVE!
[07:18] <QueenSaffy> So live then
[07:18] <FacetiousPersona> Provide a weapon and I shall execute the world for a moment of emotion,
[07:18] <QueenSaffy> What's stopping you?
[07:18] <FacetiousPersona> Oh
[07:18] <FacetiousPersona> I also <3 arguing IRl
[07:18] <QueenSaffy> pain isn't the only emotion there is
[07:18] <FacetiousPersona> I seem incapable
[07:19] <FacetiousPersona> Man
[07:19] <FacetiousPersona> I left my alcohol ouside for others
[07:19] <FacetiousPersona> I should go and collect it.
[07:19] <FacetiousPersona> But, I have to sneak it in
[07:19] <FacetiousPersona> NOT WORTH IT
[07:19] <FacetiousPersona> And I have no fucking drugs
[07:19] <QueenSaffy> Maybe you're just hiding from your emotions 'cos you think they're going to hurt if you face them
[07:19] <QueenSaffy> So do without
[07:19] <FacetiousPersona> I just want to be pissed/high to the extent of obliviousness
[07:19] <FacetiousPersona> to reality.
[07:19] <FacetiousPersona> I'm buying LSD to escape this petty one
[07:20] <FacetiousPersona> My imagination is sufficient
[07:20] <FacetiousPersona> I'll accept a lie for a journey of interes
[07:20] <QueenSaffy> Try not escaping reality
[07:20] <QueenSaffy> What does it have that you're so afraid of?
[07:20] <FacetiousPersona> It's dull.
[07:20] <FacetiousPersona> So linear....
[07:20] <FacetiousPersona> It seems so predictable
[07:20] <QueenSaffy> So stop it
[07:21] <FacetiousPersona> Suicide? No.
[07:21] <FacetiousPersona> I've contemplated this a lot
[07:21] <QueenSaffy> Throw yourself into places you can't predict
[07:21] <QueenSaffy> Not suicide
[07:21] <FacetiousPersona> I refuse to accept death
[07:21] <FacetiousPersona> I've tried to do this
[07:21] <QueenSaffy> That's not an answer
[07:21] <FacetiousPersona> I've had people wnating to kill me
[07:21] <QueenSaffy> trust me on that one =P
[07:21] <FacetiousPersona> I've been chased down by vehicles
[07:21] <FacetiousPersona> This is all a rush
[07:21] <FacetiousPersona> But
[07:21] <FacetiousPersona> All feels so empty
[07:21] <FacetiousPersona> Inane as hell.
[07:21] <FacetiousPersona> I'm travelling abroad probably
[07:21] <QueenSaffy> Are you sure it's not depression?
[07:22] <QueenSaffy> a gap year?
[07:22] <FacetiousPersona> Does depression remain for 3 years?
[07:22] <CryssWinters> It can, yes.
[07:23] <FacetiousPersona> Clincial depression, I guess
[07:23] <FacetiousPersona> I guess I was bad on the forum
[07:23] <FacetiousPersona> I apologize.
[07:23] <FacetiousPersona> I just wanted to play. No seirous harm
[07:23] <CryssWinters> You guess?
[07:23] <QueenSaffy> If you do go into rehab Face, if you mention possible depression to them, then they might help
[07:23] <FacetiousPersona> Like a cat with a ball. ^^
[07:24] <QueenSaffy> And it's that it's just an escape for so many people (the forum)
[07:24] <FacetiousPersona> I',m thought to be afflicted wit derealization disorder
[07:24] <FacetiousPersona> I have an appointment with a psychiatrist on the 20th
[07:24] <QueenSaffy> You have your drugs, we have our own bolthole
[07:24] <FacetiousPersona> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Depersonalization_disorder
[07:24] <FacetiousPersona> that
[07:24] <QueenSaffy> and when you started screwing with us, you were attacking the one safe haven many of us have left
[07:24] <FacetiousPersona> i have that consistently
[07:25] <FacetiousPersona> Yes
[07:25] <FacetiousPersona> I'm bad
[07:25] <FacetiousPersona> I'm awful
[07:25] <FacetiousPersona> I'm an asshoel
[07:25] <FacetiousPersona> I'm whatever.
[07:25] <FacetiousPersona> I don't really care
[07:25] <QueenSaffy> Not necessarily
[07:25] <QueenSaffy> I think the word would be broken
[07:25] <QueenSaffy> Not bad/asshole/etc
[07:25] <QueenSaffy> Just someone who's broken by life
[07:25] <QueenSaffy> If that makes sense
[07:26] <FacetiousPersona> Hah
[07:26] <FacetiousPersona> Someone told me
[07:26] <FacetiousPersona> that everyone in this building I'm in has had a very messed up life and all deal with it differently
[07:26] <FacetiousPersona> He siad that many deal with ith through violence
[07:26] <FacetiousPersona> THey go on the street and beat random people
[07:26] <FacetiousPersona> I know these people
[07:26] <FacetiousPersona> They seem fine superifically, but they're very fucked up mentally
[07:26] <FacetiousPersona> They could kill someone without any remorse
[07:27] <QueenSaffy> And your way of dealing is to self-destruct, depersonalise people and troll forums =P
[07:27] <FacetiousPersona> Society creates these people through flaws of the system
[07:27] <FacetiousPersona> lol
[07:27] <FacetiousPersona> I <3 to self-destruct
[07:27] <FacetiousPersona> I take the route towards fialure for the feelings of pain
[07:27] <FacetiousPersona> If I feel guilt, I feel very elated
[07:27] <FacetiousPersona> It hurts like hell, but I'm glad to feel at all
[07:27] <QueenSaffy> I wouldn't call it freedom
[07:28] <QueenSaffy> being trapped by dark feelings and having to rely on substances to survive
[07:28] <FacetiousPersona> Heh.
[07:28] <FacetiousPersona> Tbh, I foresee myself inevitably committing suicide
[07:28] <FacetiousPersona> By 25
[07:28] <FacetiousPersona> I've accepted this
[07:28] <FacetiousPersona> I'll do whatever until this time
[07:28] <QueenSaffy> Suicide isn't a good way out
[07:29] <QueenSaffy> Seriously Face
[07:29] <FacetiousPersona> I don't care. I don't think about it now.
[07:29] <QueenSaffy> If you live, you'll regret it for the rest of your life
[07:29] <FacetiousPersona> There's no need to reason or utilize any form of logic.
[07:29] <FacetiousPersona> No.
[07:29] <FacetiousPersona> I live inside a fantasy while here now.
[07:29] <QueenSaffy> and if you remember that constantly, then you'll never get the hope of "Maybe it'll get better"
[07:29] <FacetiousPersona> Physical deformities or whatever would be irrelevant
[07:29] <QueenSaffy> You'll only have "Soon I can die and it'll all be over"
[07:29] <FacetiousPersona> I'm content with the delusion of this fantasy reality before me
[07:29] <QueenSaffy> not the physical deformities
[07:29] <FacetiousPersona> I can manipulate any reality into one to satisfy
[07:30] <QueenSaffy> the feeling of being stupid
[07:30] <QueenSaffy> either stupid enough to not even be able to kill oneself
[07:30] <FacetiousPersona> Is it stupid to lose an arm when practiical activites are of no concern?
[07:30] <QueenSaffy> or stupid enough to have tried to kill yourself
[07:30] <QueenSaffy> Yes Face
[07:30] <FacetiousPersona> I'm fine with doing nothing.
[07:30] <FacetiousPersona> having no one.
[07:30] <FacetiousPersona> I predict this to remain untilt he future.
[07:30] <QueenSaffy> because there's always a future
[07:30] <FacetiousPersona> Perhaps I'm wrong, thus confirming my present acts as irrational
[07:31] <FacetiousPersona> They would harm a longer future
[07:31] <FacetiousPersona> It's all complex.
[07:31] <FacetiousPersona> If we all relied on certainity for decisive action, we'd be very rigid with our actions
[07:31] <QueenSaffy> It's never the future though, it's always the present =P
[07:31] <FacetiousPersona> There would be minimal chances that enable significant advanacement
[07:32] <FacetiousPersona> someone at my door
[07:32] <FacetiousPersona> brb
[07:32] <FacetiousPersona> nvm
[07:32] <FacetiousPersona> someone wished to buy drugs from me
[07:32] <QueenSaffy> =/
[07:33] <QueenSaffy> Face, I'm saying this now
[07:33] <FacetiousPersona> ?
[07:33] <QueenSaffy> You need to get out of there
[07:33] <FacetiousPersona> Lol
[07:33] <FacetiousPersona> Council estates are fun
[07:33] <QueenSaffy> You're not going to get anywhere better there though
[07:34] <FacetiousPersona> I have nowhere else after everyone has left me
[07:34] <FacetiousPersona> This is the only option
[07:34] <FacetiousPersona> and goddamn
[07:34] <QueenSaffy> It's never the only option
[07:34] <FacetiousPersona> i'm being too open while drunk
[07:34] <FacetiousPersona> I'm going downstairs to see if my alcohol is still there.
[07:34] <FacetiousPersona> I want to consume enough tot be knocked out
[07:36] <QueenSaffy> And do that day in, day out for the rest of your life?
[07:39] <FacetiousPersona> It was still in the bush
[07:39] <FacetiousPersona> hazzah
[07:39] <FacetiousPersona> Hmm
[07:39] <FacetiousPersona> I don't care much for life
[07:39] <FacetiousPersona> I like fantasy, tb
[07:39] <FacetiousPersona> h
[07:40] <QueenSaffy> The problem being is that it is fantasy though, not reality =/
[07:40] <FacetiousPersona> Imagining is suitable for me. <3
[07:40] <QueenSaffy> hummm
[07:40] <FacetiousPersona> I need some E
[07:40] <FacetiousPersona> It's so early
[07:40] <QueenSaffy> [00:11:48] <CryssWinters> Deconstruct me, please. <-- can I mirror this request?
[07:40] <FacetiousPersona> Only 1 AM soon
[07:40] <FacetiousPersona> Lol
[07:40] <FacetiousPersona> No
[07:40] <QueenSaffy> and it's not early =P
[07:40] <QueenSaffy> Okaies then
[07:40] <FacetiousPersona> I'm not motivated upon request
[07:41] <QueenSaffy> How are you motivated then?
[07:41] <FacetiousPersona> I'm quite indifferent towards other
[07:41] <FacetiousPersona> All I've ever had from people is consistent failures
[07:41] <QueenSaffy> been let down too many times to care anymore?
[07:41] <FacetiousPersona> You expect me to be opimistic when this is all I've ever experienced? Should I have an idealistic hope for the good of people?
[07:41] <FacetiousPersona> A rational hope derived from probability?
[07:41] <FacetiousPersona> Hah.
[07:41] <FacetiousPersona> I'm very apathetic.
[07:42] <FacetiousPersona> You could hold a gun to my head and I'd most likely mock you.
[07:42] * QueenSaffy is keeping onto her idealistic hope in people for a while longer =P
[07:42] <FacetiousPersona> Fear is irrelevant when you have no purpose to avoid it.
[07:42] <FacetiousPersona> No purpose to confront it
[07:42] <QueenSaffy> And you could just mock someone when your life is on the line?
[07:42] <FacetiousPersona> meh
[07:42] <FacetiousPersona> Incoherent through intoxication
[07:42] <FacetiousPersona> Yes.
[07:42] <FacetiousPersona> I've been spending nearly every day of this week just out with different people taking drugs and drinking
[07:43] <FacetiousPersona> I socialize with every group
[07:43] <FacetiousPersona> I don't stick to one
[07:43] <QueenSaffy> and yet, you claim you need some E?
[07:43] <QueenSaffy> oh wait
[07:43] <FacetiousPersona> =D
[07:43] <FacetiousPersona> Hmm
[07:43] <FacetiousPersona> I've only sold it
[07:43] <FacetiousPersona> NEver took it (too much of a risk)
[07:43] <QueenSaffy> the drug, not extroversion
[07:43] <QueenSaffy> lol
[07:43] * QueenSaffy headdesks
[07:43] <Vernal> lol
[07:43] <FacetiousPersona> So, I could buy some SM and just run around all night
[07:44] <FacetiousPersona> Weed only results in me becoming very mellow
[07:44] <FacetiousPersona> Alcohol causes me to become open, impulsive and emotional
[07:44] <FacetiousPersona> Mushrooms make me extremely XNXX.
[07:44] <FacetiousPersona> It boosts N significantly
[07:44] <FacetiousPersona> You just
[07:44] <FacetiousPersona> Sit there
[07:44] <FacetiousPersona> dazed
[07:44] <FacetiousPersona> and analyze while theorizing for hours
[07:45] <FacetiousPersona> I felt like a fucking guru
[07:45] <FacetiousPersona> I was preaching to various people
[07:45] <FacetiousPersona> If i disappear, I've drunk too much alcohol
[07:45] <FacetiousPersona> I've had around 3 litrres
[07:45] <FacetiousPersona> So
[07:45] <FacetiousPersona> = puking or unconsciosu
[07:45] <QueenSaffy> That's not good Face
[07:46] <FacetiousPersona> Hah. And I should care for good or right? Surivval or death?
[07:46] <FacetiousPersona> I don't care.
[07:46] <FacetiousPersona> I was in a car last night and it was speeding
[07:46] <FacetiousPersona> Street race, basically
[07:46] <FacetiousPersona> It was such a rush
[07:46] <FacetiousPersona> I was fine with it
[07:46] <FacetiousPersona> I just didn't care about death
[07:46] <FacetiousPersona> It was all about feeling!
[07:46] <FacetiousPersona> I'm a total Se. ;D
[07:47] <QueenSaffy> Well, good luck Face then with it all
[07:47] <FacetiousPersona> ;) Thanks
[07:47] <FacetiousPersona> So, why aren't you asleep?
[07:47] <FacetiousPersona> I feel a little bad that I'm not out partying on a Saturday
[07:48] <QueenSaffy> I'm not sure why myself
[07:48] * FacetiousPersona pats Saffy and winks
[07:48] <QueenSaffy> I feel like I'm not quite anywhere anyway
[07:48] <FacetiousPersona> Get some sleep, silly.
[07:48] <FacetiousPersona> Be healthy and strong
[07:48] <QueenSaffy> so I haven;t noticed the time
[07:48] <FacetiousPersona> I always feel like I'm at a distance
[07:48] <FacetiousPersona> It's beautiful, eh? ;p
[07:48] <QueenSaffy> besides, It's nicer at night
[07:48] <FacetiousPersona> Time's a conception that has no meaning to me
[07:48] <FacetiousPersona> It's a strucutre which is utilized to structure others' lives
[07:49] <FacetiousPersona> Sure, their lvies shape mine, but I like to distance mine from theirs
[07:49] <FacetiousPersona> Indeed.
[07:49] * QueenSaffy would be far away if she could
[07:49] <QueenSaffy> three years to go
[07:49] <FacetiousPersona> Is the moon out?
[07:49] <FacetiousPersona> My plans are to leave everyone
[07:49] <FacetiousPersona> I wish to be a wanderer that travels the world without anyone close
[07:49] <QueenSaffy> not that I can see, it's kinda cloudy though
[07:50] <FacetiousPersona> Friends at door
[07:50] <FacetiousPersona> brb
[07:50] <FacetiousPersona> Okay
[07:50] <FacetiousPersona> I told them that I'm sleeping
[07:51] <FacetiousPersona> Fantasy = my sleeping, because it denotes a dream state
[07:51] <QueenSaffy> hummm
[07:51] <QueenSaffy> kinda poetic-ish
[07:51] <FacetiousPersona> We associate the dream world to that of dreaming
[07:51] <FacetiousPersona> Life's a poem, to be honest.
[07:52] <FacetiousPersona> We only have to refine it a little with our sentient minds.
[07:52] <FacetiousPersona> Why allow the negativity of a lie to consume our life when it could be accepted as a truth...
[07:52] <FacetiousPersona> Subjectivity is the beauty with which we were burdened!
[07:53] <QueenSaffy> hummm
[07:53] <FacetiousPersona> Empiricism is correct with the asseration that all is derived from experience.
[07:53] <FacetiousPersona> How am I supposed to be good when all would lead to me preferring bad?
[07:53] <FacetiousPersona> Would it be a temperament that has me inclined towards the preference of good?
[07:53] <FacetiousPersona> Would it oppose the contrived path and guide me appropriately?
[07:54] <FacetiousPersona> I don't know. I don't want to care.
[07:54] <FacetiousPersona> Either way, all will lead to death.
[07:54] <FacetiousPersona> Our lives are very short.
[07:54] <QueenSaffy> I think it would also require the sufficient strength of character to follow good
[07:54] <FacetiousPersona> How can I be satisfied with life while aware of this limitation?
[07:54] <FacetiousPersona> Should I consider it as sufficient for being relative to the human life exptency?!
[07:54] <QueenSaffy> and it's the journey that matters over the destination
[07:54] <QueenSaffy> So enjoy life while it lasts
[07:54] <FacetiousPersona> I want a goddamn UNIVERSAL RELATIVE.
[07:55] <FacetiousPersona> Where's the objectivity of a fucking lie? : O
[07:55] <FacetiousPersona> I'm content wih life.
[07:56] <FacetiousPersona> Huzzah
[07:56] <FacetiousPersona> I'm passed tipsy and into drunk
[07:56] <FacetiousPersona> My vision is blurring
[07:56] <FacetiousPersona> Let's drink ourselves to victory.
[07:56] <QueenSaffy> have fun then?
[07:56] <FacetiousPersona> We'll overcome all imaginary obstacles.
[07:56] <FacetiousPersona> ;p
[07:57] <FacetiousPersona> I can still type coherently, which is surprising when intoxication decreases one's coordination.
[07:58] <QueenSaffy> maybe if you type a lot, you're used to it, plus the smaller actions could be harder to influence?
[07:58] <FacetiousPersona> I'm basing this on the past.
[07:58] <FacetiousPersona> Perhaps my tolerance has increased and I'm unaware.
[07:59] <FacetiousPersona> But meh
[07:59] <FacetiousPersona> I guess I'll buy E tomorrow.
[08:00] <FacetiousPersona> Wee
[08:01] <FacetiousPersona> Wanna come to a party, Saffy? I'll host it.
[08:01] <QueenSaffy> Nah thanks =P
[08:01] <FacetiousPersona> WHY NOT? TOO INSECURE? INTROVERTED?
[08:01] <QueenSaffy> I wouldn't be allowed to go, plus I'd just be stood awkwardly in a corner the whole time =P
[08:02] <QueenSaffy> TOO INTROVERTED / YOUNG
[08:02] <QueenSaffy> I'm not allowed yet to go wandering all over england going to strangers parties =P
[08:02] <FacetiousPersona> Hm. I'm typically lying down or sitting down while high.
[08:02] <FacetiousPersona> People accept me as very laidback instead of shy.
[08:02] <FacetiousPersona> HUZZAH @ my escape from being a little introverted
[08:03] <FacetiousPersona> How old are you? 14?
[08:03] <QueenSaffy> 15 now
[08:03] <FacetiousPersona> Huzzah
[08:03] <FacetiousPersona> Hm
[08:03] <QueenSaffy> You missed my birthday =P
[08:03] <FacetiousPersona> Where do you live? Tell me on private if you want
[08:03] <FacetiousPersona> You don't need to be paranoid
[08:03] <FacetiousPersona> and please don't inroduce any stupid sneitmental values about personal info
[08:03] <QueenSaffy> yorkshire-ish
[08:03] <QueenSaffy> =P
[08:04] <FacetiousPersona> I'll create a plan to FIND SAFFY.
[08:04] <FacetiousPersona> FEAR now!
[08:04] <QueenSaffy> I don't fear
[08:04] <FacetiousPersona> You should be scared *rolls eyes*
[08:04] <QueenSaffy> I have crowbars
[08:04] <FacetiousPersona> And fuck
[08:04] <QueenSaffy> I can defend myself =P
[08:04] <FacetiousPersona> I'm in Cambridgeshire
[08:04] <FacetiousPersona> South East of you
[08:04] <QueenSaffy> Ages away right?
[08:04] <FacetiousPersona> ARE YOU SURE?
[08:04] <FacetiousPersona> I have masks! ; 0
[08:04] <FacetiousPersona> Spies prevail against soldiers.
[08:04] <FacetiousPersona> hehehehe
[08:04] * QueenSaffy dropped geography for a reason btw
[08:05] <QueenSaffy> Is it far-ish away?
[08:05] <FacetiousPersona> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cambridgeshire
[08:05] <QueenSaffy> Yeah, quite a way away
[08:06] <FacetiousPersona> I'll walk to you. :3
[08:06] <FacetiousPersona> I'm that dedicated to finding the mysterious Saffy
[08:06] <QueenSaffy> Why?
[08:06] <FacetiousPersona> Actually, I'd love to do that
[08:06] <FacetiousPersona> An adventure
[08:07] <FacetiousPersona> It'd be the concept of travelling, not the outcome of finding you
[08:07] <FacetiousPersona> But
[08:07] <FacetiousPersona> both would be cool, i guess
[08:07] <QueenSaffy> I'm not that interesting =P
[08:07] <FacetiousPersona> Meeting someone from online = fascinating
[08:07] <FacetiousPersona> I wonder how you would react if I discovered you
[08:07] <FacetiousPersona> I'd be like: "Hi."
[08:07] <FacetiousPersona> You'd probably respond with a crowbar.
[08:07] <FacetiousPersona> *pang*
[08:07] * Weliddryn has joined #risque
[08:07] <QueenSaffy> If I realised it was you, then maybe =P
[08:08] * QueenSaffy would then tie face up and call the police
[08:08] <QueenSaffy> Hi Welid
[08:08] <Weliddryn> hello again, saffy
[08:08] <QueenSaffy> Nothing personal though Face
[08:08] <QueenSaffy> I'd do it to anyone
[08:08] <QueenSaffy> even this salesperson guy who turned up today
[08:08] <FacetiousPersona> Bonjoue Weli
[08:09] <FacetiousPersona> Hooray
[08:09] <FacetiousPersona> I like being tied up
[08:09] <FacetiousPersona> Kinky business is serious
[08:09] <Weliddryn> Hello Face.
[08:09] <Weliddryn> ;p
[08:09] <FacetiousPersona> WELI
[08:09] <QueenSaffy> Not kinky tied up =P
[08:09] <FacetiousPersona> D:
[08:09] <FacetiousPersona> OMG
[08:09] <Weliddryn> YES?!
[08:09] <FacetiousPersona> And I thought I was coming for kinky business
[08:09] <FacetiousPersona> YOU TRICKED ME
[08:09] <FacetiousPersona> Saffy, you deceitful girl1
[08:09] <Weliddryn> ?!
[08:09] <FacetiousPersona> ?! Weli ,you're in on this?
[08:10] <FacetiousPersona> OMG
[08:10] <FacetiousPersona> You spiked my dirkn, didn't you?
[08:10] <Weliddryn> Oh, not this again.
[08:10] <Weliddryn> D:
[08:10] <QueenSaffy> Again?
[08:10] <QueenSaffy> This has happened before?
[08:10] <Weliddryn> ;p
[08:10] <FacetiousPersona> YES
[08:10] <FacetiousPersona> Weli did this before
[08:10] <FacetiousPersona> That's why i
[08:10] <FacetiousPersona> I'm suspecting you
[08:10] <QueenSaffy> Oh
[08:10] <Weliddryn> -_-
[08:11] <FacetiousPersona> because I associate her with you via her arrival
[08:11] <Weliddryn> You're drunk, aren't you?
[08:11] <FacetiousPersona> So, you're cooperating
[08:11] <QueenSaffy> Well, I'm much too lazy to go spike your drink
[08:11] <FacetiousPersona> Yes.
[08:11] <FacetiousPersona> Brilliant deduction
[08:11] <FacetiousPersona> So, you had Weli do it for you?
[08:11] <Weliddryn> Extremely. ;p
[08:11] <FacetiousPersona> YOU SNEAKY
[08:11] <FacetiousPersona> Yes.
[08:11] <FacetiousPersona> Extremely
[08:11] <FacetiousPersona> I finished a whole bottle to myself
[08:11] <QueenSaffy> Me and Welid are friends
[08:11] <FacetiousPersona> They're normally shared
[08:11] <FacetiousPersona> orly?
[08:11] <QueenSaffy> And she may or may not have spiked your drink
[08:11] <Weliddryn> But- but the GERMS
[08:11] <FacetiousPersona> What does 'riends' constitute?
[08:11] <FacetiousPersona> YEAH
[08:11] <FacetiousPersona> I KNOW
[08:11] <Weliddryn> D:
[08:11] <FacetiousPersona> That's why I drink first
[08:12] <FacetiousPersona> I don't want an STD
[08:12] <QueenSaffy> umm
[08:12] <FacetiousPersona> Most people I know are sluts or manwhores
[08:12] <QueenSaffy> Can you even get std's from spit?
[08:12] <Weliddryn> You'll spread your germs thus making them more superior as a result?
[08:12] <Weliddryn> then they were previously
[08:12] <FacetiousPersona> Yes.
[08:12] <FacetiousPersona> The invasion of my germs upon this world = Napoleon-esque stuff
[08:12] <FacetiousPersona> They'll have their own government in no time
[08:12] <FacetiousPersona> 'Freedom to the Germs! SPREAD AIDS TO ALL!'
[08:12] <Weliddryn> I thought it'd be more like Hitler, but I hear too much about him.
[08:12] <FacetiousPersona> Diseases need homes too
[08:12] <FacetiousPersona> > : O
[08:13] <FacetiousPersona> Yeah
[08:13] <FacetiousPersona> He's too clique
[08:13] <FacetiousPersona> We need smaller figures, but they're comparable to him
[08:13] <FacetiousPersona> Similar ideals and acts on a smaller scale
[08:13] <FacetiousPersona> Too repetitive otherwise
[08:13] <Weliddryn> Sounds like you already have a plan
[08:13] <FacetiousPersona> It's dull to hear repetitive stuff from various people
[08:13] <FacetiousPersona> Yep
[08:13] <Weliddryn> So, WHAT IS IT?!
[08:13] <FacetiousPersona> I plan to /fuck/ and /drug/ every girl I know to spread my alcohol
[08:13] <QueenSaffy> ooh, cheerful
[08:13] <FacetiousPersona> Intoxication of the world is my stategy.
[08:14] <FacetiousPersona> The world needs to be drunk to succeed, tbh.
[08:14] <Weliddryn> Explain this unorthodox reasoning.
[08:14] <FacetiousPersona> It's improbable ,thus it's realistic. Paradoxes are teh answer to all.
[08:14] <FacetiousPersona> Reality is formed through improbability, thus all aspects should be reasoned as such in terms of outcomes.
[08:15] <Weliddryn> brb
[08:15] <FacetiousPersona> Therefore, we shall succeed via unrealistic reasoning that is essentailly realistic.
[08:15] <FacetiousPersona> It's only 'impractical' to modern standards, which are incorrect when considering the essence of all.
[08:15] <FacetiousPersona> sO
[08:15] <FacetiousPersona> Saffy
[08:15] <FacetiousPersona> About that crowbar
[08:15] <FacetiousPersona> Are you gonna tap me with that or what?
[08:16] <QueenSaffy> Umm
[08:16] <QueenSaffy> I'm guessing you mean the innuendo version
[08:16] <FacetiousPersona> Remember, i have a baseball bat.
[08:16] <FacetiousPersona> NO
[08:16] <QueenSaffy> rather than me smashing your face in
[08:16] <FacetiousPersona> I just like the pain ;p
[08:16] <QueenSaffy> Metal > wood
[08:16] <FacetiousPersona> Knowin me, I'd be laughing with each hit
[08:16] <FacetiousPersona> No
[08:16] <FacetiousPersona> Flaming wood > metal.
[08:16] <FacetiousPersona> My wood would be on fire. ^_^
[08:16] <FacetiousPersona> I also ride a horse.
[08:16] <FacetiousPersona> BEAT THAT
[08:17] <FacetiousPersona> I'm a knight with a flaming bat.
[08:17] <FacetiousPersona> ;)
[08:17] <FacetiousPersona> Why am I finding this so amusing?
[08:17] <Weliddryn> Because you're drunk?
[08:17] <Weliddryn> ^_^
[08:17] <Weliddryn> (back, btw)
[08:17] <FacetiousPersona> I must be drunk to actually be acting friendly towards Saffy. Hah. Hah. HAH.
[08:17] <QueenSaffy> O RLY?
[08:17] <QueenSaffy> What's wrong with me? =(
[08:18] <FacetiousPersona> I need to alter my thinking to respond nicely to her. =)
[08:18] <FacetiousPersona> *pats Saffy*
[08:18] * QueenSaffy storms off
[08:18] <QueenSaffy> =P
[08:18] <FacetiousPersona> We'll discuss that when we have a psychiatrist.
[08:18] <Weliddryn> aw, you pissed her off.
[08:18] <FacetiousPersona> Saffy
[08:18] <FacetiousPersona> I LOVE YOU
[08:18] <FacetiousPersona> COME BACK
[08:18] <FacetiousPersona> WELL
[08:18] <FacetiousPersona> CIDER
[08:18] <FacetiousPersona> TO BE TECHNICAL
[08:18] <QueenSaffy> YOU DON'T LOVE ME!
[08:18] <QueenSaffy> YOU NEVER DID!
[08:19] <QueenSaffy> YOU ONLY LOVED WELID!
[08:19] <FacetiousPersona> SHUT UP, BITCH!
[08:19] * FacetiousPersona slaps Saffy!
[08:19] * QueenSaffy SLAPS FACE
[08:19] <FacetiousPersona> HAH
[08:19] <Weliddryn> Abusive relationships
[08:19] <FacetiousPersona> my first attack countered yours
[08:19] <QueenSaffy> YOU MANWHORE
[08:19] * Weliddryn shakes head
[08:19] <Weliddryn> how sad
[08:19] <FacetiousPersona> YOU SU
[08:19] <FacetiousPersona> SLUT
[08:19] <FacetiousPersona> i can't stop lol'in
[08:19] <Weliddryn> lol, good.
[08:19] <QueenSaffy> snap XD
[08:19] <FacetiousPersona> Weli, you're in the middle of this
[08:19] <Weliddryn> ^_^
[08:19] <FacetiousPersona> IS it in your opinion that I can justifiably.........stab her?
[08:19] <Weliddryn> Yay!
[08:19] <Weliddryn> hm...
[08:19] <FacetiousPersona> With...something.
[08:19] <FacetiousPersona> NO innuendo
[08:20] <Weliddryn> ah'k then.
[08:20] <Weliddryn> Then I guess so. ^^
[08:20] <FacetiousPersona> I don't need you to decide who I stick it in
[08:20] <FacetiousPersona> Unless it's you
[08:20] <FacetiousPersona> But maybe I like rape...
[08:20] <Vernal> lol
[08:20] <FacetiousPersona> NO
[08:20] * QueenSaffy stabs Face with the pointy end of a crowbar
[08:20] <QueenSaffy> I STRUCK FIRST!
[08:20] <QueenSaffy> THAT MEANS I WIN!
[08:20] * FacetiousPersona kisses the pointy end of the crowbar with his bloody lips
[08:21] <FacetiousPersona> Too bad
[08:21] <FacetiousPersona> the crowbar's in love with me
[08:21] <QueenSaffy> It is not
[08:21] <FacetiousPersona> It won't hurt me, its lover, any more
[08:21] <FacetiousPersona> IT IS
[08:21] <FacetiousPersona> I lvoe the crowbar
[08:21] * QueenSaffy grabs her crossbow then
[08:21] <FacetiousPersona> You don't understand
[08:21] <FacetiousPersona> Its cold, metalic touch is so entiicing
[08:21] <Weliddryn> It's fouled, now, saffy
[08:21] * QueenSaffy is still vair proud of her crossbow
[08:21] <Weliddryn> His blood is like acid
[08:21] <FacetiousPersona> I'll catch Cupid's arrow in my teeth, Saffy. ;)
[08:21] <QueenSaffy> It's not an arrow
[08:22] <QueenSaffy> It's actually the middle bit of a pen
[08:22] <FacetiousPersona> You want to draw sometihng on my face, eh? Draw a heart!
[08:22] <FacetiousPersona> I'd love to be a face of love
[08:22] <QueenSaffy> Or
[08:22] <Weliddryn> You need no more love!
[08:22] <FacetiousPersona> I'm a xenomorpth
[08:22] <QueenSaffy> I could use it to stab an eye out =P
[08:23] <QueenSaffy> and don't you get enough love from your new crowbar gf?
[08:23] <FacetiousPersona> How can I admire your beauty without eyes?
[08:23] <FacetiousPersona> It's like asking me to write a letter to Weli without a brain D:
[08:23] <QueenSaffy> Very badly?
[08:23] <FacetiousPersona> It would be an insult to admire it this inadequately
[08:24] <FacetiousPersona> It's like analyzing a Da Vinci painting superficially
[08:24] <FacetiousPersona> He would be distressed to know that two year olds are viewing his paintings and writing essays regarding them
[08:24] <QueenSaffy> what if they were genius two year olds?
[08:26] <FacetiousPersona> Improbable.
[08:26] <QueenSaffy> hummm
[08:26] <FacetiousPersona> We're considering the average 2 year old
[08:26] <QueenSaffy> Well, I'm tired now anyway
[08:26] <FacetiousPersona> You're not sleeping.
[08:26] * FacetiousPersona chains Saffy to his leg.
[08:26] <FacetiousPersona> We're partying until 4 AM.
[08:26] <FacetiousPersona> It's Saturday, girl!
[08:27] <QueenSaffy> lol
[08:27] <QueenSaffy> This bug just flew into my hair =/
[08:27] <QueenSaffy> But I'm sleeping now
[08:27] <FacetiousPersona> Hooray.
[08:27] <Weliddryn> EAT THE BUG
[08:27] <FacetiousPersona> You caught a husband
[08:27] <FacetiousPersona> NO
[08:27] <FacetiousPersona> MARRY THE BUG
[08:27] <Weliddryn> You can be like a spider eating it's mate
[08:27] <Vernal> eek
[08:27] <Weliddryn> :O But face /is/ a spider...
[08:27] <Weliddryn> What does this imply?!
[08:27] <FacetiousPersona> I'm in Weli's hair. ;D
[08:28] <Weliddryn> Oh are you? ;p
[08:28] <FacetiousPersona> =( I can't be?
[08:28] <Weliddryn> I suppose there is room. ;p
[08:28] <QueenSaffy> 'tis a big bug..
[08:29] <QueenSaffy> it's flying into the paper cranes I have hanging from my light hard enough to make them move
[08:29] <QueenSaffy> =/
[08:29] <FacetiousPersona> You've been catching flies to enslave them
[08:29] <FacetiousPersona> Why force them to serve your evil empire, Saffy?
[08:30] <QueenSaffy> No..
[08:30] <QueenSaffy> I don't like bugs
[08:30] <Weliddryn> But they <3 you!
[08:30] <QueenSaffy> A bee flew into my hair once and got stuck there and when I tried to get it out, it stung me =(
[08:30] <Weliddryn> You scared it.
[08:30] <Weliddryn> Poor bee.
[08:30] <FacetiousPersona> I a bee stung me in the neck recently
[08:30] <FacetiousPersona> the back
[08:30] <QueenSaffy> ouch..
[08:31] <FacetiousPersona> I was sitting innocently on a park bench > : O
[08:31] <QueenSaffy> And I didn't mean to Welid
[08:31] <QueenSaffy> it was all tangled up next to my ear!
[08:31] <QueenSaffy> I could hear it buzzing
[08:31] <Weliddryn> It wanted to speak to you.
[08:32] <QueenSaffy> I was about 5!
[08:32] <Weliddryn> Why did you not let your imagination take you away?
[08:32] <Vernal> heh
[08:32] <QueenSaffy> because I heard something buzzing by my ear
[08:32] <QueenSaffy> and then I was like "It's a bee!"
[08:32] <QueenSaffy> and the last time I'd been stung by one
[08:32] <Weliddryn> You should have /listened/ not reacted!
[08:32] <FacetiousPersona> Who wants to come into my imagination? the door's open. ^_^
[08:33] <Weliddryn> But there is no way out
[08:33] <QueenSaffy> my dad put this disinfectant stuff on my hand that hurt like mad...
[08:33] <QueenSaffy> and I remembered that
[08:33] <Weliddryn> Why did you not use mud?
[08:33] <Weliddryn> ;p
[08:33] <FacetiousPersona> I cut open my knee badly from football =(
[08:34] * Weliddryn kisses it to make it all better.
[08:34] <Weliddryn> ;p
[08:34] <QueenSaffy> because Welid, he didn't tell me what he was going to do =(
[08:34] <Weliddryn> Anybody got a good song in mind?
[08:34] <Weliddryn> At least he didn't bite you?
[08:35] <FacetiousPersona> Kiss me on the lips, weli! ;P
[08:35] <Weliddryn> Hm... What have you got to offer? ;p
[08:35] <FacetiousPersona> Everything when thought of rightly
[08:35] <FacetiousPersona> SAFFY, KISS ME TOO! i want an orgy, ffs
[08:36] <QueenSaffy> No
[08:36] <QueenSaffy> I'm not kissing you
[08:36] * QueenSaffy is going to sleep 'cos she can't think anymore
[08:36] <Weliddryn> g'night
[08:36] * QueenSaffy has quit IRC (Quit: Oyasumi Nasai peoples...)
[08:36] <FacetiousPersona> LOL
[08:37] <FacetiousPersona> how funny
[08:37] <Weliddryn> WTF IS IT NOW?!
[08:37] <FacetiousPersona> SOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[08:37] <FacetiousPersona> Weli, let's have sex. I'm hyper.!
[08:37] <Weliddryn> That'd be.... erm, difficult?
[09:01] <Vernal> lol
[09:02] <Weliddryn> ;p
[10:01] * Vernal is now known as V
[10:16] <CryssWinters> Yippy ay oh, mini sirloin burgers!
[10:17] <V> eh?
[10:17] <CryssWinters> Comersial. >.>
[10:23] * CryssWinters has left #risque
[11:05] <V> heh
[11:06] <Weliddryn> heh?
[12:04] * FacetiousPersona has quit IRC (Quit: HydraIRC -> http://www.hydrairc.com <-)
[12:16] * Weliddryn has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[13:04] * V has left #risque
[14:25] * fill has joined #risque
[15:19] * fill has left #risque
[15:26] * orly has joined #risque
[19:22] <Bizzaro_Ob> leaving your comp overnight nets you the most interesting convos


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