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It's been a long time, NegativeZero


Is Kredit to Team!!
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Tomorrow 5:45 AM
Apr 30, 2008
Purgatory with the cool kids
Have an elephant. :elephant:

Oh, and welcome and enjoy your stay. Go introduce yourself will you?


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Today 9:45 PM
Jun 21, 2011
Glasgow, Scotland
A long time? Time is of no consequence, only life!

I actually didn't think that introduction threads were obligatory. Anyway, the basics, I'm James, 27 from Glasgow, Scotland. Although I may be moving back to the Netherlands in the near future I am Scottish.

This site is very interesting to me, it seems like there are lots of interesting people and discussions on here but I should declare that I don't think I fit the INTP definition exactly. I think i'm actually quite balanced when it comes to some of the dichotomies, I love when an instinct about something turns out to be correct but I like to have hard evidence to back it up. Similarly, the cold dispassionate objective perspective can be very useful and normally cuts straight through to the truth of things but when living on a planet full of emotional and sometimes irrational beings it can easily miss the all important human factor and that can be a fatal mistake, people are not machines!

Anyway, I hope my fluid and sometimes contradictory nature will not preclude my participation in the forum after all people, diversity of opinion makes for a good conversation it would be real f**kin boring if you only spoke to people who agreed with you.

Blessed Be
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