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Today, 01:42
Apr 21, 2019
How do you know if you're an INTP? (ex: what are things typical INTPs find themselves doing)

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Yesterday, 22:42
Dec 15, 2018
You question that you’re an INTP for a few years,
and it takes a while for you to be confident enough about your knowledge of the MbTI assessment and yourself .

So theafter five years you’re pretty sure your an INTP....
But then some dipstick tells you they think you’re judgmental.
You say to their face something like “no not really whatever,”
When it actually makes you go through another 2 year crisis of whether or not you’re actually an INTJ because, aren’t you biased about yourself???
Then after more deep thought, pondering, and scavenging for through threads like these to seek MBTI help, you let yourself settle on the tentative conclusion that you’re an INTP!
Yet you take a test to be sure ....and one of them letters are different ....
It sends you spiraling into another few months of contemplation that you don’t tell anyone about—
(it’s not their problem, so why should you bother them?)
—Because how arrogant are to claim to know every part of yourself to determine your own personality type? You must make sure nothing is missing!
Then you read and start actually observing other people more, to try and find a common ground among the types, something that indicates you’re on the same mental wavelength.
And then you realize that other people are sprouting opinions and rash analyses and you get personally offended because here you spend YEARS of your like doubting your own inter- and introspective intelligence just to make sure you weren’t missing anything when all they’re actually doing is throwing half baked thoughts on MBTI to feel important and typing themselves on how they want to be, instead of reflecting on who they are.
And you finally realize you’ve come to know yourself much better than those belligerent, uncultured, attention-seeking blob-fishes.
Then you realize that you have accumulated enough research on yourself and the MBTI to know that you are an INTP...
....And then reflecting on your process of accepting your analysis allows you to finally confirm this knowledge.

And when you do that, that’s how you know that you’re an INTP ..........

........Then you start looking for a margin of error, or how possible changes to your psyche could effect your type, and how if the way you perceive the work now is subject to change.

So your comfort is that constantly doubting something is a strong indicting that you’re an INTP.

Well. Whatever THAT means.
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