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Intpf cat looks like Android 7.0 hidden cat

Creeping Death

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Today, 12:11
Oct 10, 2016
Most of you have probably noticed the cat in the upper left corner and thought nothing of it. (Clicking it just refreshes the home page), but it looks just like a cat hidden in Android 7 devices. If you have an Android 7 device, go to settings -> about device and find android version. Tap it repetitively and you'll be led to a screen with the normal background and the Android 7 (nougat) symbol in the middle. It's just a fancy "N". Tap on the N repetitively and then hold down on it. You'll first see a small red "no circle" symbol appear briefly under the N. Repeat the tapping/holding once more and then the cat will appear. I thought it was something interesting.

This is more boring than previous android versions like lollipop or marshmallow where at least there was a game you could play.

Ex-User (9062)

Prolific Member
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Today, 19:11
Nov 16, 2013
Think the cat trope goes back to a cartoon from many ages ago.
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