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intp vs leadership - career progression

Jul 26, 2017
from reading into the intp type, it would make sense from a few different perspectives as to why i have plateud career wise, but also knowing my type, i dont overly care at times. however some element of not progressing is also frustrating.

i find i dont think to take on leadership roles and challenges although i seem to fair fine when i have to do it, and have run small (5-7 people) teams before.

i feel like its expected to take on more, but i am not so sure if its an issue with the work i do, or just my nature, or just lack of interest.

how have others found this ?
Aug 5, 2017
I feel this way also. Certain aspect of it had to do with fearing failure, leaving my comfort zone, and the reasons I had for wanting to advance (or not advance). I found someone who understood me and encouraged me because they could see my potential. I think sometimes we have a lack of belief in ourselves. Sound close?