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INTP guide: how to study and tips


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Aug 15, 2013
since i used to be terrible at school and acadmeics, I have improved since then, I will give a few tips and share my study strategy

in high school or college. Although I still hated the system , I am nevertheless forced to cope with it play by its rules

here are a few protips on how to study effectively from my years , and i encourage others to share:

(1)draft a rough study macro plan outline (all the topics) before you study for finals, dont study everything (100%)

(1) write down the final deadline at the end of the plan/outline
(2) go to khan academy or watch youtube if your teacher sucked

(3) getting right textbook that you can understand help by miles, if your textbook is terrible at explaining stuff, find a better one

(4)macro and micro topics, macro is big picture, micro is small details. micro are usually less important

(5) get your notes and papers organized is already 30% done, and in order of the lecture, you have to do this as semester progresses, if you notes are disorganized and full of missing holes, you are buttfucked in the last minute. even if you dont or too laza study in the last minute, just read or skim through your organized notes already give you some advantage.

(6) photocopy parts of the texbook you need to study, no more than 10 pages(, dont read through the whole textbook

(7) never aim and review 100% , roughly 50- 60% of everything is enough. you get fucked if you review everything to detail (usually running out of time/energy or get burnout cramming all the information)
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