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Im surrounded by aliens!

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Today, 02:59
Nov 1, 2007
that is what it seems to me when i go to school every day.
I'm not a loner but I still do not understand the simple thoughts that are going on in other people's heads. It is annoying to have to try to decypher (I spelled that wrong.. I just know it) the strange thoughts and words that come from everyone around me.

But I am glad, I have found other people who share a personality type that is found only in 1% of the population.

How do you get through high school? I feel like I'm questioning the value of the social studies curriculum (i hate spelling) at least 12 times each day and i feel like i question the curriculum of every other subject 3 times each (math science english) it hurts my head to try to do anything related to history or essays and my marks suffer... also i am getting behind in all my homework because i spend too much time on the big ones.
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Today, 02:59
Nov 2, 2007
I feel like we're kind of in the same boat. Don't you think it would be nice to be able to forget how pointless much of school is and just do it anyway? I've never been able to and my grades also suffer horribly.


echoes through time
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Yesterday, 23:59
Sep 8, 2007
Hi both of you.

Remember, we're the aliens here, as peculiar as native earthlings are. Always glad to have more real aliens around. Hope you feel inclined to share your views and observations.


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Today, 10:59
Nov 14, 2007
I got through high school by enjoying pointing out the flaws in the courses, picking only ones that interested me if possible and finding whatever formula I could to achieve the highest marks with the least input effort in the ones I hated! I enjoyed my school days but found all but my long-term friends deeply irritating on some level. I found I could find it interesting to work out how they ticked (or what made them angry) and exploit it if they had a quality I liked, if they didnt have a quality I liked I simply ignored them. I hated team sports and competition in anything other than my preferred sport - pointless trying if you arent likely to win!

All in all just focus on what you like and eventually at uni you find, all of a sudden, you're in a group of non-aliens! University, among its patrons and staff, is the only place I feel im not among aliens.


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Today, 05:59
Nov 21, 2007
Michigan/Indiana, USA
I managed the daunting labyrinth of high school by sheer force of will. My first two years were a horror, as I was filled with anxiety and dread (it didn't help that I was about four inches short of five feet tall and rather pudgy). In the summer between my sophomore and junior years, I took up jogging and Tae Kwon Do. I also happened to grow about six inches (and then another four over the next two years). While I've since regained some of the weight (it has been almost 25 years since I graduated), and I'm no longer as physically active as I once was, I can say that the physical activity really helped.

The classes were no problem. I ended up graduating with an exact 3.5 GPA (I had 48 semester credits, precisely 24 were 3.0 and precisely 24 were 4.0, very weird). I didn't manage all As until the last six-week grading period of my senior year (and it's not as though I was taking easy classes by then). However, the social life was less than ideal. I didn't date (I couldn't really see the point in the adolescent activities that resembled piles of puppies sniffing and romping just a little too closely for my tastes), but I did have a few friends. At the time I knew nothing of Jung or these tests and so did in fact feel alienated.

However, I survived, and things improved dramatically in college (especially when I got to the point where I could start taking the courses I really wanted to take). I certainly met far more people sympathetic to me at the university and this made day-to-day life more fun and less burdensome.

Best of luck,

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